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Section 216 at FedEx Forum


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Section 216 Seating Notes

  • For basketball games, we recommend these seats for kids and family
  • Head-on view of the performance for end-stage concerts
  • Related Seating: Terrace Level

Row & Seat Numbers

  • Rows in Section 216 are labeled A-N
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row D
  • has 20 seats labeled 1-20
  • has 16 seats labeled 1-20
  • have 3 seats labeled 12-14
  • All Seat Numbers
  • When looking towards the court/stage, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 216 Reviews

    • Terrace Level


      The Terrace Level at FedEx Forum is another name for 200 Level seats. While these are the farthest seats from the action, fans can usually find the best deals in these sections. Best Terrace Level Seats  Most Terrace Level sections have between 15-25 rows of seats. We recommend being in the first ten rows for the following reasons: More convenient access (fewer stairs) to the concourse Better sitelines to the floor Great views of the videoboard The largest Terrace Level sections are along the side. As much as possible, guests should avoid the top rows in these sections. Besides for being incredibly far away, they're a literal pain to get to. They require dozens of steps each time you move to and from the concourse. Best Terrace Level Deals  For basketball games, we think the best deals are in corner sections like 212 and 221. These are priced far-lower than sideline sections so it's more affordable to sit in a lower row. They also have better-than-expected views of both ends of the court. Those same corner sections are usually provide good value for concerts, but they may be too far from the stage for some guests. 

    • For Basketball - Recommended For Kids and Family


      Close to concessions and a family restroom. Ticket prices in the lowest tier. Top level of stadium has music themes throughout the whole concourse, just walking around can be entertaining for the kids

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