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Mezzanine Seating

dolby mezzanine seating
  • Mezzanine Seating - The cheapest tickets at Dolby Theatre are found in Mezzanine sections on the upper level. There are three Mezzanine levels and each offers its ow...

Orchestra Seating

  • Orchestra Seating - The best seats at Dolby Theatre are the Orchestra sections located near the stage. Expect a comfortable seat and an outstanding view of the performanc...

Parterre Seating

  • Parterre Seating - The Parterre at Dolby Theatre is the area located directly behind Orchestra Sections. These seats offer a similar experience from just a few rows back...

Dolby Theatre Seat Views

Dolby Theatre Seating Reviews

  • "Too Boxed in For My Liking" - - I wasn't sure what to expect. These were the cheapest tickets available, and I guess you get what yo...
    Mezzanine 2 Right, Row H
  • "Last Row in the Bottom Level" - - View was not as restricted as I expected. Up in the Mezzanine there are some really tight views beca...
    Parterre Right, Row N
  • "Good Value for the Price" - - These seats were about half the price of what the Orchestra was going for, and I was pretty impresse...
    Mezzanine 1 Right, Row L
  • "Excellent comfortable spot" - - What a theater. Comfortable seats, good views. Buy orchestra tickets if you can!
    Orchestra Left, Row N, Seat 6
  • "Great Centered view" - - Under the Overhang (barely), but no problems seeing anything. Great spot!
    Parterre Center, Row F, Seat 1
  • Mezzanine 1 Right, Row 1, Seat 1
  • Mezzanine 1 Left, Row B   Verified Customer
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    • How many rows in each section at Dolby Theatre?
      Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.

    Other Photos From Dolby Theatre

    dolby theatre all seating
    Looking back towards the seats from the stage at Dolby Theatre.