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Section 302 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 302 are labeled A-P
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row G

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  • Section 302 Reviews

    Stage left on the rail first tier off the floor.

    Oct 2018

    Section 302, Row A, Seat 21

    The Park Theater is a 5,200 seat venue; there really isn’t a bad seat. There are multiple concert configurations. The 300 level is the first true balcony. When the entire floor is GA this seat has an unobstructed view. Depending on the show, there may be risers on floor; these sections are the 200’s. There are also some table seats that have cocktail service. These seats are in rows designated GVP, AVP and BVP; where the first letter is the row. The seats are numbered right to left as you face the stage so higher numbered seats are closer to center stage in 302 & 303. Lower numbered seats are closer to center in 305 & 306.

    Lady Gaga - Enigma - Oct 23, 2019

    Oct 2019

    Section 302, Row E   Verified Customer

    • 300 Level Orchestra


      The 300 level Orchestra, also known as the High Orchestra section, is the last section on the first level of the theater. These seats will be the furthest back on the first level, but offer the higher elevation. Furthermore, the 400 level Balcony overhang will be directly over this section 

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Far back but not balcony and sort of center"

      (Section 305) - -

      The crowd was annoying and there were two drunk loud men who sat behind us and kept yelling idiotic things. The view was okay. I could see everything but I could not see her face but the large screens on the side helped with this problem.

    • "Paid $300 per seat, obstructed view"

      (Section 304) - -

      These seats are not worth the face value of $300. They are behind the sound booth and have a big a$$ mic blocking center stage and some other box blocking the piano on the left side. They were not marked as obstructed view. Beware!!!

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