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Floor Seats at CHI Health Center Omaha are some of the best options available for a show. Tickets to the floor are typically among the most expensive for this reason, but allow fans to get closer to the stage than anywhere else in the arena.

Layout for a Standard Show

A standard show features a stage at one end of the arena in front of sections 127-129. On the floor are typically 8 or 9 sections with lettered labels. Sections A-C will be closest to the stage and have the best views to the performance on stage.

Floor sections will typically not have any more than 20 rows per section with an aisle separating the sections. Each row will have around 14 seats in a row. Seat 1 will be on the right side of the section when looking at the stage.

Custom Floor Setups

Floor seating is not permanent and can change from show to show. Many artists will choose to take advantage of this by bringing a custom stage and setup to make the show more unique.

Fans with general admission floor seats will not have a reserved seats. Instead, these tickets provide access to a general area on the floor where fans stand during the show.

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    Floor Seats Reviews

    Terrible....waste of money

    Sep 2019

    Concert Review
    Floor D, Row 5, Seats 11/12

    People in front of us.....many rows of people in front of us, stood up the entire concert. They were not asked to sit down by any staff so we couldn't see anything, including the screens as people had very large cowboy hats on in addition to standing. Paying more for this area was a total waste. We have been to other concerts and staff assure people sit down other than during standing ovations. Poorly run arena.

    Floor seats are nice, but better seats can be found

    May 2023

    Concert Review
    Floor F, Row 10

    For the show I was at, these seats were basically all the way at the back of the floor. Not the best seats available, especially if you have a hard time seeing over others. Good option if you absolutely want to be on the floor, otherwise there are better seats in the 100 level for around the same price.

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