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Bleacher Seats

  • Bleacher Seats - The entire outfield at Charles Schwab Field is bleacher seating. The location gets its name due to the bench-back seating in sections 125-136. Vi...

Grandstand Seating

  • Grandstand Seating - Grandstand seats at Charles Schwab Field are located in sections 301-303 in right field and 321-323 in left field. Tickets in these sections have the ...

Home & Visitor Dugout For Baseball Games

Charles Schwab Field Visitor Dugout
For Creighton baseball games, the visitor dugout at Charles Schwab Field is located on the first base line near Sections 6-9.
Home dugout at Charles Schwab Field
For Creighton baseball games, the home dugout is on the third base side in front of Sections 115-118.

Home Dugout - For most baseball games the home team players sit in front of Section 115, Section 116, Section 117 and Section 118

Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of Section 106, Section 107, Section 108 and Section 109

Lower Level Seating

  • Lower Level Seating - The Lower Level at Charles Schwab Field is the closest seating option to the field. Sections include 100-124 and run from foul-pole to foul-pole aroun...

Shaded & Covered Seating

Only about 15% of all seats at Charles Schwab Field offer some type of shade or cover. Below is a sample of seats that are at least partially covered or shaded at different times of the day. To search for tickets or to find out if your seats are protected from the sun or rain, follow the link for the seat finder.

  • Rows 33 and above in Section 105 are covered
  • Rows 33 and above in Section 104 are covered
  • Rows 6 and above in Section 205 are covered

Charles Schwab Field Seat Views

Charles Schwab Field Seating Reviews

  • "Metal bleachers just burning in the sun" - - The outfield seats are all metal bleachers, so they aren't as nice as the traditional stadium seats ...
    Section 133, Row 32, Seat 15
  • "Good seats with an elevated sight line" - - Really good seats down the third base line. Great elevated sight line that provides an excellent vie...
    Section 220, Row 1, Seat 19
  • "Covered seats very close to concessions and restrooms" - - Last row of this section. These seats are nearly on the concourse which makes them ideal if you're l...
    Section 108, Row 33, Seat 3
  • "Not the best but not the worst, especially if you're on a budget" - - Pretty far away from the action with a fairly large railing in front of the first row that can be a ...
    Section 321, Row A, Seat 15
  • "Some of the best seats you can get here" - - In my opinion, this is the best place to sit for a game here. You get club access, you're just under...
    Section 212, Row 8, Seat 8
  • "Really close to the action" - - Really close to the action down the third base line. These seats offer no protection from the elemen...
    Section 120, Row 4, Seat 20
  • "Really good seats, especially for Creighton fans" - - Really good place to sit for a game. Directly behind the dugout on the third base side and close to ...
    Section 117, Row 18, Seat 1
  • "Some of the best 100 level seats" - - Best seats on the 100 level. You're on the aisle, you're directly behind home plate, and you're unde...
    Section 112, Row 27, Seat 21
  • "Good covered seats down the first base line" - - Good seats down the first base line. Even though they're towards the back of the section, they provi...
    Section 103, Row 30, Seat 20
  • "2023 College World Series - Game 11 - Jun 21, 2023" - - Great view. No shade till at least after 4pm.
    Section 217, Row 7   Verified Customer
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    Suite seats at Charles Schwab Field
    The suites at Charles Schwab Field have their own box seats on the Club Level. Fans that are in a suite can relax in their private dining area or sit out in their private box for the game.

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