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Section 114 at Chaifetz Arena


Chaifetz Arena Section 114 View

Section 114 Seating Notes

  • For basketball games, desirable view from near center court
  • Related Seating: Lower Level

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 114 are labeled A-W
  • When looking towards the court/stage, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 114 Reviews

    Really Doesn't Get Any Better

    May 2016

    Concert Review
    Section 114, Row D, Seat 18

    There are so many wonderful things to say about these seats. Where to begin! First, there are only four sections at Chaifetz where the seats are padded. This section, 115 and the two sections directly across are more comfortable than the traditional bright blue plastic chairs. It's a small bonus, but really helps out during a long concert. Now onto the view. I walked around the entire stadium looking for a better view. The front rows in 115, 116, etc. will be better just because they're closer to the stage. But for the cost savings, these seats can't be beat. Great sitelines to the stage without the angle being too severe and having to crane your neck. These seats were on the left aisle (closer to the stage). This put a four foot gap between me and the next section. So even though most other people were standing, I was able to sit down and still see the stage comfortably. Of course, when I wanted to get up to rock out, I had plenty of room in the aisle. I was also able to get to and from the restrooms and concessions easily. Overall, there's not much more to say other than these are wonderful seats. Chaifetz is not a huge arena, so most seats will be good, but these were truly outstanding.

    • Lower Level


      Sections 101-122 make up the lower level at Chaifetz Arena. These are most desirable tickets for a concert or basketball game. Lower Level for SLU Basketball  Courtside seats are in front of sections 103 and 104Across from the player benches  The first five rows in center court sections are Loyal Blue Club seats Most lower level seats are chairbacksExceptions include Bleachers in sections 119 and 121  Lower Level for a Concert  For most concerts, the stage is setup on the West end of the arena. When this is the case, sections 103 and 115 are the best alternative to Floor Seats. Because Chaifetz Arena is a relatively small stadium, most Lower Level seats have a very good view for both basketball and concerts. 

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      These seats are mere feet away from the opposing team's bench, which gives you a great view into the huddle and the action of the head coach on the sideline. The view of the game is great too. Seat 9 was on the left side of the row and the seats were partially angled towards center court. In mos...

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      Front row of stage. Right side.

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