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Seating Overview

Carter-Finley Stadium has a large variety of seating options for NC State Football games. Fans should carefully consider budget, view, and comfort when seating for tickets.

Best Views of the Game

  • Sideline sections 1-8 or 17-24
    • Rows J-S
  • Upper-level sections 9-15 or 25-31
    • Rows A-F

Comfortable Seating

Other Ticket Buying Considerations

Much of the stadium gets direct sun during a day game. Sections in front of the press box on the west side see the shade first as it gets later in the day (25-31).

Most seats are bleacher-style without any backing.

Lower-level and 200-level sections entry tunnels from the concourse are located at the back of the section. Those seated in the upper level sidelines will enter from the front.

NC State Sideline & Visitor Sideline

NC State Sideline - The NC State sideline is in front of Section 19, Section 20, Section 21 and Section 22

Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of Section 3, Section 4, Section 5 and Section 6

Seats with Backs

  • Seats with Backs - Carter-Finley Stadium contains chairback seating in select sections on all side of the field. This includes: 200 Level sections behind the endzon...

Student Section

Students from NC State have sections 6-8, 110-119, and120-127 reserved for home games.

Visitor Section

  • Visitor Section - At Carter-Finley Stadium, visitor seating is available on both side of the field. Most visiting fans prefer sections 1, 9 and 15 because they are on t...

Carter-Finley Stadium Seat Views

Recommended Seats for Great Views of the Field

Sections 210, 211, 212 and 213

  • Chairback seating to sit back and enjoy the game
  • Excellent views of the east endzone videoboard
  • Easier access to the seats with fewer seating rows

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Great Views of the Field.

Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest

The north side of Carter-Finley Stadium includes the Vaughn Towers and the outdoor Dail Club seats.

Dail Club

  • Premium club amenities including upscale lounge and complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Protected from the elements by the overhanging Tower Suites
  • Good views from between the endzones

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Impressing a Guest.

Carter-Finley Stadium Seating Reviews

  • "Comfortable and close view!" - - Great view! However, note that you'll be sitting on bleachers. Most seats in the lower level are ble...
    Section 22, Row SS
  • "Nice elevated view, but sit on the lower level if it's cold!" - - Located just underneath the suite and press box area, I really enjoyed sitting in section 28. We ...
    Section 28, Row D, Seat 5
  • "Front row seats!" - - Great seats! This section is generally reserved for students, and if you're able, I definitely recom...
    Section 127, Row A
  • "Not a bad view, but sit elsewhere" - - This view was decent, especially considering that it was one of the emptiest sections in the whole s...
    Section 15, Row T, Seat 29
  • "Wouldn’t sit here again" - - The view wasn’t great unless the action was happening in the north end zone. Obviously that makes ...
    Section 320, Row E
  • "Totally empty sections, but no view of the scoreboard!" - - I really liked the privacy I had in these sections - they're standalone sections and had almost no o...
    Section 324, Row A, Seat 7
  • "Top, left corner of the east stands" - - Although we couldn't have been much further from the action, we were surrounded by our Clemson breth...
    Section 9, Row DD, Seats 1-2
  • "Front row of upper deck" - - These seats are great because they are closer to the action, but also a pain because everyone walks ...
    Section 31, Row A, Seats 24-26
  • Section 18, Row JJ, Seats 5-6
  • "" -
    Section 20, Row M, Seat 6
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