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Balcony Seating

  • Balcony Seating - Balcony seating at the Cadillac Palace Theatre is the highest level of seating and is on the same level as the Loge sections. Each Balcony section con...

Dress Circle Seating

  • Dress Circle Seating - The Dress Circle at the Cadillac Palace Theatre is the second level of seating right above the Orchestra section and just below the Balcony section. T...

Loge Seating

  • Loge Seating - The Loge and Balcony sections make up the third level of seating at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. The Loge sections make up the first section of seatin...

Orchestra Seating

  • Orchestra Seating - Orchestra seating at the Cadillac Palace theater is the ground floor seating and is on level with the stage. The Orchestra is divided into three seate...

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Cadillac Palace Theatre Seating Reviews

  • "The Lion King - Nov 19, 2022" - - 6th row (G) seats 2, 4, 6, and 8 right on the end aisle! The kids sat in the 2 seats on the end so t...
    ORCHESTRA RIGHT, Row G   Verified Customer
  • DRESS CIRCLE LEFT, Row KK   Verified Customer
  • ORCHESTRA RIGHT, Row E   Verified Customer
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