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Features & Amenities

Floor Seats at Budweiser Gardens are located in front of the stage at event level. These are widely considered the best seats for a concert and give guests the closest views.

Reserved Floor Tickets

There are two types of Floor tickets, Reserved and General Admission. A Reserved ticket will give you access to a specific section row and seat. Your assigned seat will be a folding chair looking directly at the stage.

Most Reserved Floor sections are labeled with a number (e.g.: Floor 1). While the layout of these sections changes from show-to-show, they are usually organized into front, middle and back areas. Front Floor sections typically command top dollar.

General Admission Floor Tickets

Some tickets on the Floor are general admission. These give you access to a specific area on the Floor, but there are no seats. Instead, fans who arrive earliest get first pick on where they want to stand. Most early-arriving guests choose spots as close to the stage as possible.

General Admission (GA) sections vary in size. Some occupy the entire Floor, while others are smaller areas near the stage with Reserved seating behind. The larger the GA section, the more competition you'll have for the best spaces.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    Thomas Rett - Feb 21, 2023

    Feb 2023

    Floor 4, Row J   Verified Customer

    Great seats nice and close to the action.

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