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Section 333 at Bridgestone Arena


Bridgestone Arena Section 333 View

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 333 are labeled A-B, CWC, G-T
  • There is no seating betweeen Rows CWC and G
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row D
  • When looking towards the ice/court/stage, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 333 Reviews

    • Goal Zone (Hockey)


      High and far views from behind the net where the visitors shoot twice help keep the Goal Zone sections among the cheapest tickets for Predators hockey at Bridgestone Arena. Views of the far end of the ice are difficult, and feature more non traditional sight lines from the corners and behind the net. Sections here are some of the largest on the upper seating tier, with up to 20 lettered rows of seating. Entry tunnels are located near Row D, leaving the longest walks for the fans in the very last rows. 

    • Upper Level End (Basketball)


      The 300 level end seating can differ depending on which side of the stadium you are sitting on. Due to the south end of the stadium not having a club level, the lower rows of sections 316-319 share equivalent views to the club level. Sit in rows A-F if you are looking to take advantage of this difference. The entrance to each section is at the last row on the south side of the stadium. The tunnel on the north end will bring you in at row D, so most people will need to walk up further in order to reach their seats. Not all is undesirable about these seats, however, the north end may be the highest seats in the entire stadium but also usually come at a lower price.  

    • Upper Level End (Concert)


      The upper level end sections contain up to 20 rows of seating (with A as the first row) and the longest views in the arena.  Fans with difficulty seeing distances in the dark won't see much from these seats when the lights are off - especially if you're seated in the highest rows. Fans with better eyesight will find comfortable head-on views in Sections 301, 302 and 333 at a fraction of the cost of lower level seats. 

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