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Section 116 at Bridgestone Arena


Bridgestone Arena Section 116 View

Section 116 Seating Notes

  • These seats are located behind the Predators bench
  • For hockey games, we recommend these seats for great views of the ice
  • For hockey games, desirable view from near center ice
  • Views from near center court for basketball games

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 116 are labeled AA-MM, A-P
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row G
  • When looking towards the ice/court/stage, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 116 Reviews

    Right on the Edge of the Party Zone

    Feb 2014

    Concert Review
    Section 116, Row HH, Seat 14

    Quite simply, these seats were pretty awesome! This was the closest I've ever sat at a concert and it is night and day vs. being up high. Row HH is roughly the tenth row from the floor and you're about two sections removed from the stage. You're not right up against the performer like some other sections, but the view is still awesome. The only disappointing thing about the view is that the seats face the floor and not the stage. It is annoying having to look left the whole time to see the stage. If you had an open seat next to you or are on the aisle, it's easier to turn your body. But when the place is packed, that's not so easy to do. This was a Saturday night country concert (Brad Paisley) in Nashville, and I expected it to be rocking! But it was a bit more tame than I anticipated. Everyone on the Floor was standing by the time Chris Young (the second opener) came out, but there still wasn't a lot of energy. In Section 116, no one was standing, but a lot of people were standing in Sections 114 and 115. So this was like right on the edge of the party zone and maybe more appropriate for those who prefer to be seated the whole time. No cupholders (where am I supposed to put my beer!?) could make for some spilled drinks and sticky situations.

    Great view. Close to the floor. Didn't feel crowded by other people.

    Aug 2015

    Concert Review
    Section 116, Row CC, Seat 12

    Great seats. Close to ground level, but no one to block your view. I was in a good spot to see the action on stage and close enough to see the performers. Not too far to exit the back of the building. The seats were comfortable with light padding and moveable arm rest for more room. Very narrow walkway to get by people.

    Great view close to the floor

    Aug 2015

    Concert Review
    Section 116, Row CC, Seat 12

    Great seats and didn't feel crowded by other people. . Close to ground level, but no one to block your view. I was in a good spot to see the action on stage and close enough to see the performers. Not too far to exit the back of the building.

    Perfect Height

    Nov 2019

    Hockey Review
    Section 116, Row Ll

    Right behind the preds bench. I couldn't ask for better seats to a predators game. Go preds!

    Jason Aldean - Oct 14, 2022

    Oct 2022

    Concert Review
    Section 116, Row GG   Verified Customer

    • Lower Level Side (Basketball)


      Lower level seating along the sideline at Bridgestone Arena is the perfect location for fans that want a perfect and comfortable view of the game. With no obstructions and elevation between rows, these seats are among the most desirable for the rare basketball game here. Double lettered rows (AA-MM) will be closest to the court in these sections. The tunnels come in toward the upper half in row G. Fans who are looking for great seats with convenience in and out of their seats should sit closest to that row. If you are looking to sit behind the benches look at sections 114-117 as they will put you closest to the players. 

    • Lower Level Side (Concert)


      Lower level side sections offer some of the best seating options for a traditional end stage performance at Bridgestone Arena thanks to close proximity and good viewing height above floor level.  Sections 106 and 115 offer excellent views, and are the safest options for a show featuring a standard end stage configuration. Sections 107 and 114 can be even better, but it will be important to take note of your seat number before making a purchase. The lower numbered seats in section 107 can have side stage views (most notably in the higher rows) in a traditional setup, so we recommend opting for the higher numbered seats here. On the opposite side of the arena, the higher numbered seats get the more difficult views in section 114, while the lower numbered seats have the superior viewing angles. For the fans who just want to be close to the performance and dont mind a less than ideal viewing angle for a traditional setup, sections 108 and 113 are options to consider but be warned that you might not be able to see the faces of the artists. Most of the lower level side sections feature double lettered rows at the front (AA-MM) followed by single lettered rows behind (A-P). The best views will be found in the double lettered rows, while those who prefer a shorter walk to and from the seats will want to stick near single lettered rows D-J (concourse entry tunnels are located at row G). 

    • Premium Center Ice and Side (Hockey)


      With center ice views and some of the closest seating to the ice, the Lower Level Center sections are home to some of the best seats for watching hockey at Bridgestone Area. Fans can sit behind the team benches in either Sections 115 (visitors) or 116 (Predators), or behind the penalty box on the opposite side of the ice in Sections 105 or 106. Sections begin with double lettered rows at the very front, followed by the single lettered seating rows behind. Entry tunnels are located just above Row F, which is a great place to sit for excellent viewing height and close proximity the concourse. 

    • For Hockey - Recommended For Great Views of the Ice


      Amazing views from the lower level of seating near center ice. Some of the closest seats to the action with those in the front row having a chance to be up against the glass. Very desirable tickets near the player benches or the penalty boxes

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