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Kansas St. Bench & Visitor Bench

Kansas St. Bench - The Kansas St. players sit in front of Section 7 and Section 8
Visitor Bench - The visiting team sits in front of Section 4 and Section 5

Bramlage Coliseum Seat Views

Bramlage Coliseum Seating Reviews

  • "Behind the basket, with installed chairbacks" - - I was pretty close to the court being in row 5, but I was behind the basket. It was difficult to see...
    Section 14, Row 5, Seat 6
  • "Center Court, Aisle Seat, what more could I ask for!?" - - These seats were perfect! Not only did I have a center court view, but being in seat 1 I was right o...
    Section 6, Row 22, Seat 1
  • "Way up here, but very convenient " - - I was in the second to last row in my section and although Bramlage Coliseum is an intimate basketba...
    Section 12, Row 37, Seat 4
  • "Wow! It's like I was on the court!" - - I was so close to the court, I thought I could step on it. In short, these seats were amazing and I ...
    Section 5, Row 3, Seat 14
  • "Good corner view" - - I was in the 12th row of my section and had a good corner view. I felt like I was pretty close to th...
    Section 21, Row 12, Seat 12
  • Section 3, Row 30   Verified Customer