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  • For most events, rows in Section 108 are labeled A-X
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row X
  • When looking towards the stage/court, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 108 Reviews

    Blown away by these seats!

    Feb 2019

    Concert Review
    Section 108, Row D, Seat 1

    I am speechless after seeing Kelly Clarkson the other night at BOK Center. Not only did she cement her position in my top 5 favorite artists of all time, she put on a performance I will never forget. I was very impressed by my seats. I was located in the back corner of the stadium, a couple rows up from the floor. What I liked about my seats were that the way I was raised up from the floor enough that no one's big head ever blocked my view of the queen. Also, being near the aisle allowed for easy access to and from the bathroom or concession stand whenever I needed. I will admit, in the two photos I included here Kelly is standing at the end of the catwalk. When she was there I could see her perfectly! However, when she backed up and sang on the normal section of the stage it was much more difficult to see her clearly. The giant video screen behind her definitely helped. Loved these seats, hopefully I can get them again someday!

    Shinedown - Apr 24, 2023

    Apr 2023

    Concert Review
    Section 108, Row N   Verified Customer

    • Lower Level Corner (Basketball)


      When looking at corner sections in the lower level, pay close attention to which section your are purchasing. If you are buying seats for a long day of NCAA Tournament action, you may want to skip out on sections like 101, 108, 112 and 119. These seats have a very poor angle towards and court and will require you to turn your head sharply to see the action. This is a literal pain in the neck for many fans. A more comfortable alternative exists in the upper rows of other corner sections where your view will be better-angled towards the court and where you'll be just a few steps away from concourse amenities. 

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Perfect view, great energy"

      (Section 109) - -

      I absolutely loved this seat. I had a spectacular view of the entire game, easily being able to make out the facial expressions of the players. The visitor bench was directly facing my section which was cool to watch during timeouts. Also the energy was next level. The seats along the baselines on e...

    • "Awesome Seats"

      (Section 111) - -

      Awesome view but don't have the need to go to bathroom often. You are at the end and only one way out.

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