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Texas State Sideline & Visitor Sideline

Texas State Sideline - The Texas State sideline is in front of Section 102, Section 103 and Section 104

Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of Section 120, Section 121 and Section 122

Student Section

Student seating can be found in sections 115-123.

Upper Level General Admission Seating

  • Upper Level General Admission Seating - Most of the upper level at Bobcat Stadium is General Admission seating, running from Section 206 through Section 223.Given the lack of reserved seatin...

Visitor Section

Visitor seating is primarily available in Section 223, with additional seating in sections 221 and 222.

Recommended Seats for Great Views of the Field

Sections 202, 203 and 204

  • Excellent views near midfield
  • Great elevation to see all areas of the field
  • Reserved seating

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Great Views of the Field.

Venue & Seating Questions

  • How many rows in each section at Bobcat Stadium?
    Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.