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Where to Sit for Disney on Ice + Other Tips for Buying Tickets

Published Feb 14, 2022 / by Keith Hanson / Discussing Disney On Ice

mickey mouse disney on ice
Mickey Mouse waving to the crowd at Disney on Ice

Where's the best place to sit for Disney On Ice - Is the front row worth it?

Yes, the front row is worth it! Without a doubt, the best seats for Disney on Ice are in the front row of any section lining the ice. Here's why:

Unobstructed Views of the Performance

Bringing small kids to Disney on Ice? Of course you are! The only way to guarantee that they will have an unobstructed siteline is to sit in the front row.

Character Interaction

Front row seats are so close that you can literally reach out and touch Mickey and friends. You shouldn't do that, of course, but you'll be still be interacting with the cast all show long. Kids will love getting waves, blowing kisses and seeing their favorite Disney characters in real life.

Extra Legroom and Better Seating for Kids

At most arenas the front row seats come with extra legroom. This makes it easier for adults to spread out and for you to access your seats.

In addition to more legroom, the front row seats at most shows are padded folding chairs. For young kids who don't weigh much, these seats are easier to sit on than typical stadium chairs that require the weight of an adult to fold down.

What are tickets like that are near the curtain?

There is a curtain setup at one end of the ice where the skaters enter. The primary concern when purchasing tickets here is that the characters typically face the other direction. While this is true, they move around so frequently that you don't feel like they've turned their back on you. The characters use the entire ice and put on a great show no matter which side you're on.

view from near curtain disney on ice
Views from near the curtain are pretty good as long as there aren't any lights or speakers in your siteline

When purchasing tickets near the curtain, ensure that there are no obstructed/limited view warnings listed by the seller. A lot of the lighting and sound equipment is placed above the seats that can disrupt your view. 

What are good alternatives to sitting in the front row?

If front row tickets are sold out or not within your budget, consider the following alternatives:

Seats near the section entrance tunnel

view from 25 rows up at disney show
Seats about 20-25 rows up offer an excellent view and are usually close to the concourse and its amenities

With young kids in tow, you'll probably be getting up a lot to go to the restroom, get concessions or purchase merchandise. The last thing you want to do is carry a kid up and down 20 rows of stairs each time you do. To alleviate this issue, try choosing tickets in a row close to the concourse. At most indoor arenas, these seats are about 20-30 rows from the ice and have a comfortable view of the show.

End seats in the first 10 rows

Sitting opposite the curtain at the end of the arena gives you a "head-on" view of the show. The characters spend a lot of time skating towards this direction and look towards these seats most often.

If seated on the end, we recommend being in the first ten rows so that views aren't too far away when the center of the action is closer to the curtain.

How long is a Disney on Ice show?

Most Disney on Ice shows run about the same length as a Disney movie - plus an intermission. The average show includes about 90 minutes of on-ice performance and about 15 minutes of ice cleaning.

In 2022 the Let's Celebrate show schedule is as follows:

  • 60 minutes of performance
  • 15 minute intermission
  • 30 minutes of performance

The show starts on time so make sure you're in your seats when the first cast of characters hit the ice!

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Which characters will be at my show?

When you purchase Disney on Ice tickets, each show has a theme. The characters at your show will depend on which theme you purchased tickets for. The current themes for 2022 are:

Most shows feature a mix of classic and contemporary characters. You can count on Mickey and Minnie being there - and there's always at least a few (if not all) Disney princesses on hand.

Will I be cold inside the arena - what should me and my kids wear?

The average temperature inside the arena is usually between 50 and 60 degrees. And it will be a little bit colder if you sit closer to the ice.

Guests are encouraged to wear long pants and long-sleeves. If your child wants to wear their favorite princess dress, make sure they have on leggings and aren't in short sleeves!

Especially during winter performances, it's not uncommon to see guests wear their winter hat during the show for a little extra warmth.

What is the best age for a Disney on Ice performance?

One of the great things about Disney on Ice is how fast-paced the show is. Besides for intermission, there are very few breaks or "down" moments. This is helpful for kids who have short attention spans since there's always something new to look at.

buzz lightyear and jessie at disney on ice
Disney on Ice shows feature a mix of characters from a variety of shows - all ages will be entertained!

If your child has a light or noise sensitivity, some shows do feature strobes, "fireworks" and other special effects that may disturb your child. Furthermore, some characters and scenes may be a bit scary for young children. For example, scenes from the Beauty and the Best segment feature a fight/struggle and eerie noises and lighting.

Other than the caveats listed above, we recommend the show for children of all ages!

More Tips For Attending Disney on Ice

  • Children two years old and older require a ticket for entry (some venues require a ticket for every attendee)
  •  Because of crowds, the 15-minute intermission may not be enough time to get to and from the concourse; ask an usher what the last song is before intermission so you can be prepared to beat the rush!
  • The most popular souvenir items are glow wands and globe lights that cost about $30 each