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Top Events For the Week of June 4th

Published Jun 4, 2012 / by Pat Wolande

LA Kings Vs. New Jersey Devils

  • Kings skate back to L.A. with a 2-0 lead over the Devils. This is Stanley Cup Finals hockey. You don't want to miss it.

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  • OKC Thunder Vs. San Antonio Spurs

  • With the series all tied up at 2 a piece, the playoff intensity will be in full force for the rest of the season. Experience vs. youth seems to be the main theme for this great series.

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  • Miami Heat Vs. Boston Celtics

  • Eastern Conference Finals showdown between Miami's superstar trio of Lebron, Wade, and finally Bosh who is returning after missing 8 games vs. the Celtics future hall of fame trio of Pierce, Allen, and Garnett and the currently brilliant play of Rajon Rando. This rest of the series is going to be a best of 3 bar fight for a shot at the Larry O'Brien.

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  • New York Yankees Vs. New York Mets

  • The subway series showdown this weekend is sure to flex New York's muscle while putting a good show on the field and in the stands.

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  • Los Angeles Dodgers Vs. Philadelphia Phillies

  • The current theme of East vs West continues as the Dodgers visit Citizens Bank Park to start the week.

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