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Things That Will Ruin Your Concert Experience

Updated Apr 24, 2020 / by Tyler Perkowitz
Originally Published Jan 7, 2019

foo fighters at fiserv forum in milwaukee
Being thoughtful when buying concert tickets can turn a good night into a great night!

There is always so much excitement surrounding concerts. Everyone is hoping for a night to remember as their favorite artists take the stage and the crowd roars. Doing the right research before buying your tickets can ensure that everything goes smoothly, and if you're reading this blog post you're doing just that. Oftentimes, people neglect to do their research and make quick decisions based on price and proximity. While this method often still leads to great nights, it also opens the door to potential situations that will ruin your fun night out.  This blog takes a look at what those situations might be and how to avoid them.

I need to sit down!

Arena shows offer artists a lot of flexibility on how they can set up their stage and floor seating. Many times, artists will create "Pits" close to the stage that do not have seats. These pits allow fans to stand and get as close to the stage as possible. Sometimes artists elect to not have seats on the floor at all, allowing their fans with general admission floor tickets free roam of the entire floor.  This is great if you're youthful and have the energy to stand for hours. However, for those who can't stand for hours, the night could be ruined before the headliner even takes the stage.

before a concert at the fiserv forum in milwaukee
These fans here arrived early for a show that has a general admission floor. They will be standing for at least an hour before the opening act even takes the stage! Some fans have already taken a seat on the floor to rest their legs.

Another thing to be aware of in these general admission floor sections is that because there are no assigned seats, there is no guarantee who will be in front of you. With no elevation on the floor, you could be left watching more of the back of a tall person's head instead of the show! 

Hey, Down in Front!

You might not want to stand the entire show, so you begin to look in seated sections and find that the lower levels are too far out of your price range. So, to the upper deck you go and you are still as excited as can be. The artist takes the stage and you jump up to dance and sing with your friends, ready to have a blast. That is until the couple behind you starts yelling at you to sit down because you're blocking their view.  

This happens far too often at concerts, especially in lower priced sections and it's a tricky predicament to be in as a fan. Do you sit down and dance in your seat or stand while they continue to yell at you? 

The answer is to avoid the situation altogether, and it works both ways.  If you are someone who knows you want to sit for the majority of the concert, try and find seats in the first few rows of a new level. That way you guarantee nobody will be in front of you. Likewise, if you want to stand, pick tickets in the last row of a level, move to the floor, or move to the 100 level where other big fans are more likely to stand.

sold out harry styles show at the forum
This photo was taken later in the night during a concert. Some fans near the back needed to sit while others remained standing making it hard to see for those that were seated.

Stuck in the Middle

For some people, beer at concerts go together like hot dogs at a baseball game. With those drinks come many trips to the bathroom, and if you don't account for where you are sitting in the section you can ruin the night for yourself and several others. 

If seated in the middle of the row, you will have to ask several people to move in order for you to pass.  Unlike sporting events, there are not intermissions or commercial breaks that are a good time to step away.  Which means when you leave, you're also missing more of the show as you slowly make your way out and back in.  If this is you, look for seats on or near the aisle for a less disruptive and quicker exit and entry.

Mother Nature

lawn at hollywood casino amphitheater in tinley park
A rainy day at this amphitheater could create slippery and muddy conditions on the lawn. Be prepared or avoid this situation by getting tickets in the pavilion!

Almost all amphitheater shows are rain or shine events.  Depending on the weather and venue, many fans can be left sitting in mud and the pouring rain if unprepared.  Tickets are usually purchased days, weeks, or even months in advance, and it's impossible to know what the weather will be on the day of the show. 

That's why it is important to research the venue and determine if your seats will have any protection from weather elements. For most venues, we at have taken care of the research for you and have provided information on seats that are protected or unprotected from weather.  If you find you may be susceptible to rain, make sure you go prepared with ponchos or tarps and wear clothes you're O.K with dirtying!

Hopefully you're ready to make the most informed decision about your next concert.  Use the button below to find tickets to your next great night out!

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