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Ten Rules Every Fan Should Follow When Attending a Game or Concert

Published May 9, 2012 / by Keith Hanson

Ever been to a game or concert and ended up sitting next to that guy? Here are ten simple rules to follow to avoid being that guy.

  1. Give the Ball to a Kid

    Catching a foul ball at a game is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nowhere else will you see grown men diving all over each other for a chance at a $9 piece of cowhide. But once you do make that one-handed grab (bonus points if you didn't spill your beer), make sure it finds its way to the pretty lady you brought with or to a kid sitting nearby.

  2. Courtesy to Nearby Fans

    You paid for your seat and all of its space. The fan next to you did the same, so don't intrude on his seat or personal space. When you need to go to the bathroom, you expect people to be understanding and stand up to let you through the row, so do the same when someone comes your way.

  3. Sit in YOUR Seats

    We're all for trying to score a free upgrade, but wait a little while before you try to sneak down to better seats. There's nothing worse than showing up on time for a game and having to force someone out of your seats. Especially when that someone has already spilled their nacho cheese on your seat and acts like they're doing you a favor by moving out of your seat.

  4. You're Not the Star of the Show or the Coach

    Remember, you paid to enter the stadium. Don't act like you're being paid to be there. Most music fans came to listen to the star -- not you. Similarly, you can barely cut it as your son's rec team coach -- no one wants to hear your thoughts on the triangle offense or why your team should play a zone in the second half.

  5. Have a Reason to Stand

    Know when to stand, know when to sit. If your only reason to stand during the action is to stretch, you should probably find a seat in the last row.

  6. Tip Your Beer and Peanut Vendor

    These men and women are climbing stairs with twenty pounds of concessions, dealing with obnoxious drunks and doing it all so that you don't have to miss ten minutes of the action and stand in line. That's worth at least a buck or a buck fifty.

  7. Choose a Line and Stick With It

    When you walk into a restroom with a mess of people behind you, don't stand around and wait for the next open urinal or stall. Pick a line and stick with it. This will allow more people into the restroom so the line doesn't lead out the door and clog up the concourse.

  8. Watch Your Language

    Don't be that guy who shouts out foul language. While booing is acceptable at appropriate times, foul language will inevitably make people, especially families with young children around you uncomfortable and it's embarrassing for the team's image that you're rooting for.

  9. Don't Talk on the Phone During Action

    If you're trying to watch the game and the guy next to you is talking to a business partner over the phone for 2 innings... wouldn't you get annoyed? Really, the only excuse for using your phone during a game or concert is to take pictures and to rate your seats!

  10. Don't Harass Away Fans Without Just Cause

    If you go to an away game you'll probably want to cheer for your team when they do well and maybe even sport some swag. This is not a reason to be harassed, so don't be the home fan that attacks an opposing fan for no good reason.

  11. Finally, this one goes without saying, but be a responsible fan and avoid drinking and driving.