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Springsteen Tour Announcement

Published Mar 7, 2014 / by Steve Calhoun

The Boss heads out on a 15 show tour starting April 8th! (CreativeCommons Image)

Bruce Springsteen has been making music for more years than I have been alive, and yet his success and popularity never seem to get a day older. There are few artists that have been able to transcend generations the way the Boss has, and even after 4 decades of innovating, entertaining, and inspiring, he doesn't seem to slow down.

Springsteen is going out on tour yet again with his staple performing team the E-Street band, and will be hitting up 14 different venues starting April 8th at US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, and winding down just outside Hartford, CT at the Mohegan Sun Arena. The tour features a fun mix of big time sports arenas and smaller outdoor amphitheaters, providing a little something for everyone along the way. Given the diverse venue types on the tour, we compiled a set of recaps and best seat recommendations for each stop on the tour below.

US Bank Arena

US Bank Arena - April 8th, 2014

  • Where: Cincinnati, OH
  • Best Seats: The U.S. Bank Arena kicks off the U.S. tour in early April with an end stage setup and a general admission standing room only floor. Floor ticket holders will be on their feet for the entire show with no chairs available, so while these tickets are great for being a part of the action, we don't recommend them for fans that prefer the comfort and convenience of a reserved chairback seat. Sections 112-115 and 126-129 provide the best views from the lower seating tier, while sections 212-213 and 228-229 are among the best options on the upper level of the U.S. Bank Arena.
  • Farm Bureau Live

    Farm Bureau Live - April 12th, 2014

  • Where: Virginia Beach, VA
  • Best Seats: Farm Bureau Live is a partially enclosed outdoor amphitheater featuring a general admission pit area at the very front, and reserved chair back seating in the 100 and 200 level sections just behind. Numbered sections will contain reserved seating with lettered rows (Row A always being near the front), and numbered seating (Seat 1 will always be on the right). Sections 102 and 203 will be the best seats in the house and are fully covered by the roof above the amphitheater. Lawn seating is also available behind the the 100 and 200 level sections, and is general admission with no overhead coverage.
  • Nationwide Arena
    Nationwide Arena - April 15, 2014

  • Where: Columbus, OH
  • Best Seats: The Nationwide Arena will be set up in an end stage format with general admission seating on the floor. Sections 103 and 115 will be great options on the lower level due to close proximity to the stage and decent sight lines to the center. Sections 202 and 218 are the top options on the upper level thanks to great positioning near the front of the performance. The general admission floor is standing room only so there will be no seats, and you will want to get to the show early to claim the best spots on the floor.
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  • Bridgestone Arena

    Bridgestone Arena - April 17, 2014

  • Where: Nashville, TN
  • Best Seats: The Bridgestone Arena features a general admission Floor in addition to the normal permanent seating available for concert events. Sections 106 and 115 are very good viewing options on the lower level with close views of the action and better sight lines to the center of the stage than other sections just off the side. Upper level sections 311 and 324 will be closest to the stage on the highest seating tier, but will have a side view from that position. Floor seating is general admission standing room, so be prepared to get to the Arena early to claim the best spots and know that you'll be standing for the entire show.
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  • Time Warner Cable Arena

    Time Warner Cable Arena - April 19, 2014

  • Where: Charlotte, NC
  • Best Seats: In addition to the permanent bowl seating usually available at the Time Warner Cable Arena for an end stage concert, fans will also have the ability to purchase tickets for the general admission floor. The floor will be standing room only with no chairs at all, so if you prefer to take a seat from time to time, look for seating in the 100 or 200 level sections. Sections 112 and 107 will be the best reserved seating options in the arena due to their proximity to the stage and the good viewing height above the floor level. Upper level sections 210 and 224 offer the best viewing on the upper seating tier with good positioning near the stage.
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  • Consol Energy Center

    Consol Energy Center - April 22, 2014

  • Where: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Best Seats: Floor seating will be the closest of any option that faces the center of the stage at the Consol Energy Center, but be prepared to stand for the entire show and get there early (floor seating is general admission and standing room only, with no chairs available at all). Sections 101 and 113 will have very good views from the lower level and will also feature access to the upscale Captain Morgans Club and First Niagara Club lounges. Some of the best seats on the upper seating tier are found in sections 201 and 221 which will keep you close to the front of the stage.
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  • PNC Arena

    PNC Arena - April 24, 2014

  • Where: Raleigh, NC
  • Best Seats: Similar to the other big arenas hosting a stop on the Springsteen Tour, the PNC Arena will also feature an end stage setup with a general admission floor area. There are no chairs in the floor area, so ticketholders so should be prepared to stand and get to the Arena early to claim the best spots. Sections 106 and 117 are great seating options on the 100 level with decent sight lines to the center of the stage and good proximity to the action. On the upper seating tier, staying close to the stage is important to make it not feel as high and far, so we recommend sections 305 and 323 for the best seating on the upper deck.
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  • Aaron's Amphitheatre - April 26th, 2014
    Aaron's Amphitheatre

  • Where: Lakewood, GA
  • Best Seats: Located just outside of downtown Atlanta, The Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood features a covered reserved seating area and exposed general admission lawn area just beyond reserved seating sections. All numbered sections will include reserved chairback seating, and feature lettered seating rows with row A being closest to the stage the the front sections. Sections 102 and 203-205 will have the best views in the house for the Springsteen show, under the protection of the roof and looking straight ahead at the center of the stage.
  • BB&T Center

    BB&T Center - April 29, 2014

  • Where: Sunrise, FL
  • Best Seats: Floor seating is the closest of any option at the BB&T Center, however the floor is set up as general admission and is standing room only. These seats are great for fans that don't mind getting wedged into a big crowd and being on your feet, but for fans looking for a more laid back place to sit, we recommend sections 133-134 and 119-120. These lower level seats will keep you close to the stage, but will give you the convenience of a reserved seat complete with chairback and arm rest. On the 400 level, staying close to the stage is they key to avoiding the feeling of being to high up and far, so look to sections 433-434 and 419-420 for the best options on this highest sating tier
  • BB&T Center Seating Guide
  • MidFlorida Credit Union

    MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre - May 1st, 2014

  • Where: Tampa, FL
  • Best Seats: The MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre will have covered seating available in the Pit sections, as well as any of the numbered sections. Due to the smaller size and great viewing angles from any of the covered sections, its hard to go wrong with any of the numbered sections for the Bruce Springsteen show. Sections 5 ,6, 9, and 14 offer some of the best head on views from the reserved seating sections and are among the best ticket options. A general admission lawn area is also available behind the reserved sections, but is not covered and may have some obstructed views from structures supporting the amphitheater.
  • Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

    Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion - May 6th, 2014

  • Where: Woodlands, TX
  • Best Seats: An amphitheater that looks like a big white tent, the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion provides covered seating options in the Pit Sections and numbered sections, and a general admission lawn area at the back of the concert grounds. All numbered sections are covered and will feature lettered rows (with row A being at the front), and numbered seats (with seat 1 being on the left). Support beams near the middle of the numbered sections make sections 101, 102, and 103 the safest and best viewing options when the Boss comes to Houston. The concert will go on rain or shine, so fans out on the uncovered lawn should check the forecast and prepare to bring an umbrella if the forecast doesn't look good.
  • Times Union Center

    Times Union Center - May 13th, 2014

  • Where: Albany, NY
  • Best Seats: The Times Union Center will feature an end stage configuration, general admission floor area, and regular permanent seating options on the 100 and 200 levels when the tour hits Albany. The floor offers the closest views and most exciting atmosphere, but will require you to get there early to stake out the best spots and you will without question be on your feet for the entire night. Lower level sections 106-107 and 118-119 are some of the best seats in the house as the reserved chairback seat will provide rest for your back, and close views of the stage and the performance. On the upper level, seats near the front of the stage will be the best for the show, and we recommend sections 208-209, and 227-228 for the best options on the upper seating tier.
  • Hersheypark Stadium

    Hersheypark Stadium - May 14th, 2014

  • Where: Hershey, PA
  • Best Seats: Hershey Park Stadium is a fully outdoor venue, and will feature a general admission standing room just in front of the stage, as well as reserved seating on the sides and behind the standing room. Lettered sections consist of folding chairs setup on the ground, and are located just beyond the standing room area (all seats in these sections will directly face the stage). These seats will have no elevation over the rows in front, so while you will get a reserved seat and a chairback, it may be difficult to see over the fans in front of you. Numbered sections are located on the sides of the Hershey Park Stadium and are similar to traditional stadium style seats with rows sitting higher the further you get from the front of the section. Even though the numbered side sections feature bench-style bleacher seating with no back support, they will have some of the best views due to the superior viewing height. Sections 6-8 and 25-27 will be some of the best seats in the house for the Bruce Springsteen show.
  • Mohegan Sun Arena

    Mohegan Sun Arena - May 17th & 18th, 2014

  • Where: Uncasville, CT
  • Best Seats: The Mohegan Sun Arena plays host to the final two shows of the tour, and will also feature an end stage setup with general admission floor seating. Watching from the floor will be an exciting experience, but fans should consider that there will be no seats at all, and the general admission setup means you'll need to get there early to secure the best viewing spots. Sections 14-15, and 25-26 are among the best seats in the house, combing great proximity to the stage with the comfort and convenience of a reserved seat with a chairback. On the upper level, look for sections 105 and 119 to provide some of the best upper level seats due to a great position near the front of the stage.
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