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NFL's New Bag Policy

Published Aug 5, 2013 / by Allison Piattoni

NFL Introduces New Safety Policy Regarding Bag Entry

Ladies, if you plan on going to a game this season, prepare to leave your fashionable handbags at home. Thanks to the NFL's new bag policy, the size and type of bags allowed in the stadium are limited. Instead of your traditional-sized handbag that you've managed to load up with everything but the kitchen sink (maybe you've managed to fit that, too), only clutch style bags will be allowed into the stadium...but only if they measure 7"x4"x2" inches or smaller. Clutch bags aren't your style? Have no fear. In addition to a clutch bag measuring to about the size of a hand, attendees are allowed to carry their items around in an ever so fashionable one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag. Haven't you heard? Ziploc bags are the latest fashion trend. If you happen to have a clear (see-through) plastic, vinyl or PVC handbag smaller than 12"x6"x12" lying around, you're in luck because those are allowed, too. How does your current handbag match up to the new measurement standards? Below is an estimated comparison between an average sized handbag and a 7"x4"x2" clutch bag.