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Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Concerts Begin March 4th

Published Feb 28, 2014 / by Keith Hanson

Find the best places to sit at the 2014 Houston Rodeo Concerts

The nearly month-long Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo begins this weekend and features one of the most promising and diverse entertainment lineups of the year. Where else can you find Reba, Usher, Chris Young, Selena Gomez, REO Speedwagon and Jason Aldean on the same stage within a week's time?

Other featured shows include Maroon 5, Keith Urban and Luke Bryan. Zac Brown Band closes the entertainment portion of the Rodeo on March 23rd.

For all things culture-related (like the Carnival), check out the Houston Rodeo Guide from the Houston Press. To learn more about the concerts and the Houston Rodeo seating charts, keep reading!

Houston Rodeo Concert Seating Chart

Find the best places to sit at the 2014 Houston Rodeo Concerts

Center Stage Views

The stage will be set-up at midfield at Reliant Stadium, allowing for a full 360 degree set-up. Reviews of these set-ups are mixed. Critics will argue that the performer has their back to you too often, while others love watching the performers dance and move around the stage.

At any rate, the best seats (besides for Chute Seats) will be in Sections 106, 107, 126 and 127. These are the closest seats to the stage, which makes a big difference in a stadium that's meant for watching a fast-moving sport and not a single performer on a stage.

Views From the Upper Level

Keeping an Eye on Selena Gomez Might Prove Difficult in the Upper Level

Think J.J. Watt looks small from 600 Level seats at Reliant Stadium? Imagine what 5 foot 5 inch Selena Gomez is going to look from that far away! Tickets in the upper levels of Reliant Stadium are as cheap as $5, but you'll get what you pay for. They're a great way to get into the stadium and to save money (for beer, of course), but the action will be really, really far away. Lower Level seats can be bought for as low as $20 for most shows, and the extra $15 will be worth it.

What are Chute Seats?

The opposite of 600 Level seats are the Chute Seats. For the rodeo portion, these seats are behind the bucking chutes, putting you mere feet away from cowboys and bucking broncos! You'll be moved onto the dirt once the music entertainment begins -- again giving you one of the best views in the whole stadium.


If you have any questions about Rodeo Concert tickets or the seating chart, ask them in the comments and we'll get you an answer!

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