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First Round of NFL Draft Had Little Impact on 2013 Ticket Prices

Published Apr 26, 2013 / by Keith Hanson

First Round of 2013 NFL Draft Comes and Goes With Little Excitement

The first round of the NFL Draft came and went last night and it barely registered on the radar of most sports fans. With only one skill-position player drafted in the top 10, this was one of the least star-studded first rounds in recent memory. In fact, with Manti Te'o, Matt Barkley and Geno Smith likely to go in Round 2, you could argue that the second round will garner more attention than the first round. Never-the-less, we analyzed ticket prices for teams drafting in the top ten and here's what we found:

We pulled ticket prices for each team's home opener for teams drafting in the top ten. We pulled the prices Thursday before the draft and again on Friday after the first round and before the second round.
  • The lack of household names being drafted led to stagnant pricing for eight of ten teams
  • Raiders fans didn't like moving down and taking a CB
  • Bills fans aren't as excited about EJ Manuel as the Front Office
  • Jaguars fans are excited to see what Blaine Gabbert can do with protection
NFL Draft Ticket Price Changes

Home Opener Tickets

DateEvent/TicketsAvg. Price
Sep. 15, 2013Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City Chiefs$201
Sep. 8, 2013Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars$156
Sep. 15, 2013Jacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Raiders$119
Sep. 15, 2013San Diego Chargers at Philadelphia Eagles$229
Sep. 8, 2013Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions$107
Sep. 8, 2013Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns$128
Sep. 15, 2013Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals$129
Sep. 8, 2013New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills$193
Sep. 8, 2013Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Jets$260
Sep. 22, 2013San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans$118

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