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A New Way to Find Shaded and Covered Seating at the Ballpark

Published Jul 16, 2015 / by Keith Hanson

Updated 3/27/2020

Through our #AskRYS platform, we invite questions from fans on a wide variety of topics. But when summer rolls around and baseball stadiums start heating up, our most popular queries always have to do with finding seats that will keep you cool on even the warmest of days.

In Kansas City, an 80 year-old was looking to attend a game in late July and in St. Louis, shaded seats were necessary for a young pregnant woman. We receive hundreds of questions just like these each year. Rather than provide the same answer over and over again, we decided to build a one-stop shop for finding shaded and covered seats.

Announcing the Shade and Cover Finder

The RateYourSeats Shade and Cover Finder for Busch Stadium
The RateYourSeats Shade and Cover Finder for Busch Stadium

As you can see in the image above, there are two options to get started. If you already have tickets, click the button on the left to select your event and input your seats. The tool will tell you if your seats are protected and offer alternative recommendations.

RateYourSeats Shaded and Covered Seating Finder
The Shade and Cover Finder allows you to browse with or without tickets

If you're without tickets, click the button on the right to begin your search for shaded and covered seats. The tool will recommend tickets that are in the shade and/or covered for your game time!

Select one of the teams below to start using this new feature!

Finding Seats on the Interactive Ticket Map

RateYourSeats Shaded and Covered Seating Finder
These seats can also be found through advanced filters on our ticket maps

If you like to search for tickets on our super-charged ticket maps, you'll now find filters for shaded and covered seating. Remember, the seat finder is smart enough to know where the sun is for your game time and will keep you shaded for all three hours!

Is this live for all stadiums?

Most of this data was compiled at live events and through intense research and calculation. Thus, we are rolling it out in waves as it becomes available and demanded. You can find covered seating information and search for covered tickets for all outdoor Major League Baseball stadiums and you can find a more robust shaded and covered seat finder for the following teams...

What about football?

Those early-season games in the SEC can be brutal! We're working on creating the shade and cover finder for a few select venues in the hottest cities and are hoping to have it available in advance of the 2015 season.


We've launched the covered seating finder for a number of football venues, including all outdoor National Football League stadiums! We're adding more every day, so if you don't see the tool for your team of venue, send us a note and we'll try to get it added as soon as possible. Below is a just a sampling of some of the venues we've added in the past month:


Please keep in mind that the seat finder is still in beta mode. We've worked diligently to ensure accuracy and to include the features we think fans desire. If you have any corrections or comments, let us have it!