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Your Guide to the Final Four at the Georgia Dome

Published Mar 20, 2013 / by Steve Calhoun

Final Four Atlanta 2013

The 2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament is tipping off this week, and just as it seems to do every year, March Madness is sweeping the nation. Brackets are being filled out in offices and homes everywhere, and experts have estimated the amount of money wagered in pools and sports books could be as high as $5 billion for this year's tournament. The bracket style post-season setup has often been described as the most equitable and most exciting championship path in all of sports, and as such it has become a fan's dream to watch it all unfold live. The road to cutting down the net in 2013 leads to Atlanta and the Georgia Dome, which after the addition of riser seating in some of the lower level sections will have the capacity to host 74,000 fans. But tickets to watch it all unfold won't come cheap, the average price currently is $700 for all sessions, $461 for the semi-final games alone, and $427 for the championship game alone. Given the financial commitment required to attend and the sheer size of the stadium, selecting your tickets can be a difficult task to say the least, so we've created a guide to help you make the right choice and find the best seats for you.

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New Georgia Dome Seating Structure for the Final Four

Risers Added to Accommodate More Fans

Georgia Dome Seating Comparison

To meet the high demand and get fans as close to the court as possible, the Georgia Dome installed new riser seating in the front of most of the lower level sections. As you can see from our seating chart comparison above, many sections have been extended further down by as many as 52 additional rows. For some of the most drastically altered sections, the expansion resulted in a 140% increase in the number of seating rows. A total of 32 sections will feature the extended riser seating (sections 111-120 and 131-140 on the sidelines, and sections 103-108 and 123-128 behind the baskets). In these sections, single lettered rows will be closest to the court (Row A being closest), followed by double lettered rows, then ending in the usual permanent seating rows 1-36 (Row 36 being furthest).

  • Advantages: The addition of the risers will bring fans closer to the action, and will be home to some of the best center court seats in Sections 115, 116, 135, and 136.
  • What to Consider: The entry tunnels into the lower level sections are located at the last row (Row 36), meaning that a front row ticket in some of these sections could translate into a time consuming 88 row walk for trips to the restrooms and concessions.

Recommended Seats: 100 Level Center - Best Views in the House!

Georgia Dome 100 Level Center

Located on the lowest tier of the Georgia Dome and running the length of the sidelines is the 100 Level Center seating location. Comprised of 6 sections on north side of the stadium (113-118) and 6 sections on the south side of the stadium (133-138), this location offers some of the best center court views with the additional benefit of being located closer to the court. Sections 135 and 136 are two of our favorites for fans wanting the ultimate College Basketball viewing experience. Center court, close to the floor, and great viewing angles can all be found here. These sections are also located on the opposite side of the floor from the players bench, which means you can watch as the coaches and players on the bench get involved.

Recommended Seats: 200 Level Center - Comfort at Center Court

Georgia Dome 200 Level Center

Centered on the second level of the Georgia Dome and nearest to mid court is the 200 Level Center seating location (sections 217-226 on the north side, and sections 243-251, and 200 on the south). The normal home to Club seats at the Georgia Dome, these sections feature extra-wide, padded seating, and grant ticket holders access to the Club Lounge where fans can purchase upscale concessions and view the action from flat screen TVs. Sections in the 200 Level Center feature the fewest rows per section in the stadium (16 total rows) making it far easier to get in and out of your seats for trips to the restrooms and concessions. Sections 220-223 get our recommendation for fans looking to impress a guest at the Final Four thanks to great views, location near mid-court, and all the comforts of club amenities. These will be some of your best seating options at the Georgia Dome if you prefer to combine a great view with comfort and ease.

Avoid If You Can: 300 Level Baseline - Limited Views

Georgia Dome 300 Level Baseline

The Georgia dome was originally built to host football games, which features a much larger field of play where the action has the chance to be relatively close to you at any location in the stadium. With a significantly smaller playing surface, basketball spectators should be cautious of their proximity to the court (which will centered at midfield). 300 Level seating will be some of the more economical seats available for the games, however this is driven by the knowledge that they provide the furthest views. Adding additional viewing challenges in the 300 level is sitting behind the baskets, which can often obstruct the view even more as ticket holders must follow the action from behind the back board and shot clock. We recommend that fans researching 300 Level seats consider the Sideline sections first, and then the corners, before deciding to sit behind the basket.

Additional Tips

  • Bringing the family to the game? Consider Sections 207-210
  • Normally we would not recommend sitting in a section located directly behind the basket (due to the risk of obstructed view), however given that these seats are located near the only full service restaurant at the stadium, they become a great option for families. The Taco Mac is a full service restaurant available only to Club, Mezzanine, and Suite ticket holders, and also features a Family/Special Needs Restroom. Sections 207-210 are located on the Mezzanine level, so you will have access to the restaurant and the family restroom (located just behind the restaurant) with your ticket purchase. Sections in the 200 level are also much smaller than other sections in the Georgia Dome, with only 16 rows it will feel much more comfortable and not as intense as being in the middle of a 30 row section. For families attending all sessions at the Georgia Dome, the restaurant will be a great resource to have in between the semifinal games, a nice change of pace from watching the game and great food to get you and your family ready for the next one.

  • Don't want to break the bank but still have a good time? Consider Sections 305 or 337
  • Sitting on the 300 level of the Georgia Dome is sure to save you some money, and will be a great option for getting you in the door, but some 300 level sections stand out above the rest for fans looking to party and have a great time at the game. Sections 305 and 337 are located in two different corners of the stadium, but are the only two 300 level sections with an option to get a mixed drink near by. Fans do not have to walk to far in any of the 300 level sections to get a plain domestic beer, but if you are looking to switch it up a bit and enjoy something different in the beverage department, the only two available areas on this level will be located near Sections 305 and 337. So save some money on your tickets and enjoy a nicer beverage while you take in the game from these 300 level seats.

Enjoy the tournament and be sure to check out all the comprehensive information available on our Georgia Dome Seating Guide!

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