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College Football Bowl Game Seating Guides

Published Dec 15, 2012 / by Keith Hanson

2012-2013 College Football Bowl Game Seating Guides

We recently launched this year's college football bowl game seating guides. There are plenty of excellent matchups this season, including, of course, Notre Dame and Alabama in the BCS Championship game. We have interactive seating maps for each stadium hosting a college football bowl game, and thousands of in-seat photos for you to see what it's like to sit in the seats. Find your bowl game seating guide!

BCS Bowl Game Seating Guides

Who is Sitting on Which Side of the Field?

The most common question we answer this time of year is, which side of the field is Notre Dame sitting on? or which sideline is best for Alabama fans? To find out which sideline your team is sitting on (and which side you should buy tickets on), find your bowl game seating guide and then head to the interactive map to buy tickets!

BCS Bowl Game Sidelines