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Best Tickets Left For the BCS Championship Game

Published Jan 1, 2013 / by Keith Hanson

What are the best seats for the BCS Championship Game?

The first BCS Bowl Game kicks off in less than two weeks. This year's games are causing quite a stir for their low prices (Orange Bowl) and for their record-high prices (BCS Championship). Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL, hosts this year's National Championship. Here are some of the top remaining tickets. These tickets combine a great experience with a great price. So if you haven't purchased tickets yet -- or are still on the fence -- consider the following options.

Note: Price and availability (these are the best, they're going to go fast!) of these tickets are subject to change

Best BCS National Championship Tickets

For the Alabama DieHard: First Row, Alabama Sideline ($2,111 ea) (SOLD!)

Considering Lower Level Sideline tickets start at more than $1,800, finding seats in the first row behind the Alabama sideline (Section 117) for just a few hundred dollars more is a steal. These are on the 15 yard-line. Move ten yards closer to the fifty, and you're talking an extra $1,000/seat.

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First Class Luxury: Club Level Aisle Seats ($1,850 ea)

The Club Level at Sun Life Stadium offers wider, more comfortable seats and access to private lounges and restaurants. Splurge for the aisle seats so you don't have to climb over strangers. These seats are in the end zone, so you're sacrificing the sideline view for luxury and comfort.

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Upper Level, Low Row ($1,266 ea) (SOLD!)

Sometimes you just want to get in the stadium. If that's the case, the 400 Level (Upper Level) is going to be your target zone. Sitting along the sideline will give you the best view of the entire field, while sitting in the corner will mean you have an angle straight at the field and won't have to contort your body. We chose these seats in row 10; however, because of their relative affordability and access to the concourse. Sideline seats are great, but when you have to walk up 25 rows to your seats, you're not going to want to come back down. These seats in row 10 will save the bank -- and your knees.

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