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Best Seats to Catch a Home Run Ball at Citi Field During the Home Run Derby

Published Jul 2, 2013 / by Allison Piattoni

All-Star Week Held at Citi Field

The New York Mets' Citi Field will be hosting the 2013 MLB All-Star Week, including the beloved Home Run Derby on July 15th. The Home Run Derby is a great spectator event with plenty of opportunities to catch a home run by your favorite MLB player.

Home Run Derby Price Impact

Because the common goal of attending the Home Run Derby is to catch home run balls, the outfield tickets at the Home Run Derby are of high demand...and the prices are a reflection of it. The price for outfield tickets during the Home Run Derby at Citi Field are about 13 times more expensive than the previous four home games the Mets played at their home stomping ground. During the regular season and All-Star Game, infield tickets are much more expensive than outfield tickets because there is a greater demand to sit closer to the field. At the Home Run Derby, the price ratio of infield and outfield tickets are about the same considering the increased demand to sit in the outfield in hopes of catching a home run ball. In comparison to the last four home games played at Citi Field, there are far less outfield tickets left for purchase during the Home Run Derby as opposed to regular season games.

Where to Sit at the Home Run Derby?

Citi Field Outfield Seating Chart

The seating chart above is a color coded view of the Citi Field outfield to represent the likelihood of catching a home run ball. The blue sections are not very likely to catch a ball. The orange sections represent a mild chance of catching a home run ball, whereas the red sections represent the strongest chance to catch a ball. If you're sitting in right field, be on the lookout when a left-handed batter is up to the plate. The distance from home plate to section 103 is 330 feet, increasing to 378 feet as the field reaches section 101. If you're sitting in sections 140-142, cross your fingers that the player up to bat will hit the ball 416 feet deep so you can catch a ball. If you're sitting out in left field, be on the lookout when a right-handed batter is up to take their swing at a home run. Section 133 starts off at 335 feet deep and increases upward to 384 feet when the field reaches section 139. The first ten rows in sections 134-139 pose the greatest risk of catching a ball, whereas the chance of catching a ball decreases after the first ten rows in those sections due to an overhang above the seats. Good luck!

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