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A Seat Review Highlighting Why Was Started

Published Jun 23, 2011 / by Keith Hanson

We received a seat review recently from a fan in Philadelphia who rated his/her seats on a Sunday afternoon game at Citizens Bank Park. To us at, the review underscored the importance of having independent fan reviews of specific sections and seats within sports and concert venues.

Imagine walking into Citizens Bank Park with your son and daughter and heading to your seats in section 147. The first thing you notice is the expansive view of the field and the great look at home plate. The food is great, the restrooms are close, and you spot your seats in the 15th row. You just know you and your family are going to have a great day. You notice a few empty seats in your section, which is odd considering the quality play of the Phillies and the weather outside. You grab a hot dog between the second and third innings, and as you come back to your seat, you notice the empty seats are filled in - sort of. A group of men are standing around, beers in both hands, hollering at the top of their lungs. Quickly you learn it's time to 'earmuff' the kids.

Here are the actual comments from the seat review:

In this section you will find some of the most ignorant, obnoxious and rude people at CBP. There is a group of gentlemen who all know each other and have been Sunday ticket holders in this section for years. They show up no earlier than the 3rd inning already drunk. They spend the entire game talking loudly about a variety of non-baseball related and vulgar topics, often standing up during game action and sitting in seats that they do not hold tickets for.

To some, this type of behavior is inoffensive - but it can make for a disastrous family outing for others. It is our vision at to get every fan the best seats they can afford. If 'best' to you is standing, wild cheering and alcohol, section 147 at Citizens Bank Park on a Sunday might be for you. If not, perhaps section 139 (5 stars) is where you want to take the family. Whatever it may be, we hope that becomes your preferred resource when you research seats and sections before you purchase tickets.

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