Bill Snyder Family Stadium

Section 24 at Bill Snyder Family Stadium


Bill Snyder Family Stadium Section 24 View

Section 24 Seating Notes

  • These seats are located behind the visitor sideline
  • Desirable view from near midfield
  • Section 24 is a student section for Kansas State games

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 24 are labeled 1-46
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 46

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 24 Reviews

    • Lower Level Sideline


      The east and west sidelines feature roughly 45 rows of numbered seating with Row 1 closest to the field in all sections. In each section, the best rows to sit in are between row 25 and row 40. As you get farther away from midfield, you'll want to sit a little bit higher to get a better angle towards midfield. Otherwise, the view from row 25 in sections 4, 5, 24 and 25 are about as good as it gets. When choosing between the east and west sides, consider the following: The concourse is located at the top row of each section. Thus, sitting near the top will limit the number of steps you have to walk. But if you're on the east sideline, rows 40 and above may have a slightly obstructed view due to the overhang. You'll be able to see the field, but punts, long passes and the scoreboards will not always be visible from the highest rows. A limited number of chairback seats can be found in sections 4-6 behind the K-State players. 

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