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Seating Overview

BC Place Stadium is a rather simple stadium when it comes to seating. The building features a retractable dome with round seating bowl without the complication of several levels.

When looking at the seating chart for events, the simple layout make it easy to understand where your tickets will be located.

Having a Retractable Roof

One of the benefits of having a retractable roof is that fans do not have to take the weather into account as much when buying tickets.

For this reason, fans can take comfort sitting anywhere in the stadium and not having the weather be a big nuisance.

During Whitecaps Games

Some of the best seats to catch the Whitecaps play are along the sidelines in sections 211-217 and 238-244. Tickets in these sections will provide good views to both sides of the pitch.

For those looking for a fun atmosphere check out tickets in the supporters sections located on the west side in sections 201-206 and 249-254.

Premium Seating

There are two options for premium seating at BC Place Stadium for Whitecaps games and both are located on the north side of the stadium. One down low close to the pitch and the other elevated above the seating bowl below.

For those who like to be close, the Pitchside Club is probably for you. Those wishing for a more comfortable viewing experience might like the Club Seats instead.

BC Place Stadium Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Club Seats - For an impressive combination of excellent sight lines and exclusive amenities, consider the BC Place Club Seats found in sections 336-346. Each ...
  • Pitchside Club - Pitchside Club Seats are located in the first three rows of the north sideline at BC Place Stadium. The sections literally extend onto the field, givi...

Whitecaps Bench & Visitor Bench

Whitecaps Bench - The Whitecaps sideline is in front of Section 212 and Section 213

Visitor Bench - The visiting team sideline is in front of Section 215

Supporters Section

  • Supporters Section - The Supporters Section at Whitecaps FC matches is located on the West end of BC Place Stadium. This includes sections 201-206 and 249-254. Being ...

BC Place Stadium Seating Reviews

  • "Leagues Cup: Club Leon at Vancouver Whitecaps - Jul 21, 2023" - - Seats are in club section which is nice, but row B, 103-108 don’t have cup holders and is the view...
    Section 338, Row B   Verified Customer
  • Section 246, Row T   Verified Customer
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      Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.

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