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Berm Seating

  • Berm Seating - Berm seating at BayCare Ballpark surrounds the outfield. It is a general admission area on grass without any seating.  Many fans enjoy sitting on...

Home & Visitor Dugout For Baseball Games

home bench baycare ballpark
Looking at the sections located behind the home dugout.
visitor dugout at baycare ballpark
View of the seating behind the visitor dugout at BayCare Ballpark.

Home Dugout - For most baseball games the home team players sit in front of Section 115 and Section 116

Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of Section 105, Section 106 and Section 107

Picnic Terrace Seating

  • Picnic Terrace Seating - There are three Picnic Terrace sections located down the left field line at BayCare Ballpark. When looking for a picnic section, look for those labele...

Tiki Terrace Seating

  • Tiki Terrace Seating - The Tiki Terrace in left field is a fun spot for fans to hang in the outfield during Phillies' spring training games. There are five rows of ledge sea...

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BayCare Ballpark Seating Reviews

  • "Depends on crowd and weather" - - I've sat out here and had great experiences and not so great experiences. The early spring training ...
  • "Great for comfort" - - These seats were perfect in the front row of the club level. The club is three things: less crowded...
    Section 203, Row 1
  • "The BEST" - - Right behind the Phillies dugout. Amazing seeing the players, and it was great for the kids when the...
    Section 115, Row 6
  • Section 105, Row 12   Verified Customer
  • Section 202, Row 3   Verified Customer
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    • How many rows in each section at BayCare Ballpark?
      Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.

    Other Photos From BayCare Ballpark

    bullpens at baycare ballpark
    The bullpens at BayCare Ballpark are located behind the left field wall in the outfield.
    baycare ballpark concourse
    The concourse behind the 100-level seats at BayCare Ballpark.
    tiki pavillion at baycare ballpark
    The Tiki Pavillion is a popular social bar in left field behind the Tiki Terrace.

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