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Seating Overview

Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall for Hoosiers basketball games is one of the most iconic stadiums in college basketball. Seating runs along both sidelines and is steep to the court, which creates a great gameday environment.

  • All lettered sections have chairbacks
  • A majority of sections have student seating
    • Sections A-F are best for general fans

Entry Tunnels

Due to the steep nature of the stands, we recommend that fans who have difficulty with steps choose seats near the entry tunnels.

  • Lower Level (A-M): Row 26
  • Upper Level (AA-MM): Row 9

Indiana Bench & Visitor Bench

Indiana Bench - The Indiana players sit in front of Section 4

Visitor Bench - The visiting team sits in front of Section 3

Student Section

Numbered sections 1, 2, 10 and lettered sections L, M, AA, BB, GG, HH, JJ, KK, LL, MM are entirely student seating sections.

Rows 9 and above in sections CC-FF will be filled with IU students.

The back rows of sections G-K are designated for student seating.

Assembly Hall Seat Views

Assembly Hall Seating Reviews

  • "Are you kidding me!?" - - I can't believe they actually sell these seats. We were in seats 1 and 2, which are aisle seats whic...
    Section K, Row 32, Seat 2
  • "Crazy close to the court!" - - I don't usually like sitting behind the basket at basketball games, but being this close was awesome...
    Section 2, Row 7, Seat 1
  • "Nothing beats Center Court!" - - Sitting at center court is the best way to take in a basketball game. I loved sitting here because I...
    Section C, Row 31, Seat 7
  • "Talk about nosebleeds!" - - These seats were way up here in row 46! So many stairs to climb and when I finally reached the top, ...
    Section G, Row 46, Seat 1
  • Section D, Row 44   Verified Customer
  • Section K, Row 31   Verified Customer
  • Section E, Row 9   Verified Customer
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    Other Photos From Assembly Hall

    Henke Spirit of 76 Club at Assembly Hall
    The Henke Spirit of 76 Club at Assembly Hall in Bloomington is located on the south end of the arena above the student section. The Club commemorates the 1976 Indiana Men's Basketball team that won the NCAA Division I Championship that year.

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