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Student Section Seating

Student seating is available in Sections 20-22 and 120-123

Visitor Section Seating

Boise State Sideline & Visitor Sideline

Boise State Sideline - The Boise State sideline is in front of 22, 23 and 24
Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of 7, 8 and 9

To search tickets in these sections, select an event and apply the filter for home or visitor sidelines.

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Other Popular Seating Areas

Lower Level Corner Seating

Corner seats in the lowest level at Bronco Stadium offer some of the more interesting views of the field. The bleacher-style seats are disconnected from the main seating bowl.

Sections 27-30 on the Southeast side of the field have a good view of the videoboard, while the less desirable Sections 12-15 are designated visitor fan sections.

Lower Level Endzone Seating

The lower level endzone is located on the closest tier to the field of play behind the north and south endzones. At the north endzone is a general seating section which provides close views of the field below, but difficult to the view the video board located above and behind this area.

Sections 31-35 are reserved seating lower level endzone sections at the south endzone which have clear views of the video board to the north.

Lower Level Sideline Seating

Located on the lowest tier of Bronco Stadium and along the sidelines. Best sight lines in the stadium and closest proximity to the blue field make these sections some of the best in the house.

Sections 22-24 are located near the 50 yard line just behind the Boise State players bench, and sections 7-9 are located on the 50 yard line behind the visiting team bench.

Upper Level Corner Seating

Upper level corner seating is exclusive to the south east and south west corners, and is located on the highest tier from the field of play. Proximity to the action is some of the further the stadium has, but provides a unique diagonal perspective of scoring plays at the near south endzone. Upper level corner consists of 8 total sections, 4 in the south east (127-130) and 4 sections in the south west (101-104).

Upper Level Endzone Seating

Upper level endzone seating is located only at the south endzone, and is just behind the lower level section. These sections offer an intermediate proximity from the field of play (not as far as the Upper level corner) and a great view of the action as it approaches the near south endzone. Upper level endzone consist of sections 131-135.

Upper Level Sideline Seating

Located on the highest tier of Bronco Stadium and runs between the endzones. Upper Level Sideline seating provides good sightlines to either end of field, with sections 122-124 located closest to the 50 yard line on the east side of the stadium, and sections 107-109 are closest to the sideline on the west side of the stadium.

Bronco Stadium Seat Views

Bronco Stadium Seating Reviews

  • "Row A: Too Low" - - One thinks that the lower rows are best, but if I had to do it again I would want to be at least 5 o...
    Section 23, Row A, Seats 22-23
  • "Mid-field, under the overhang. Protected from rain and snow." - - Under the overhang - not going to get snowed on. The 35-yard line is straight ahead - good view of ...
    Section 22, Row Q, Seats 24,25
  • "Best Seats I Have Ever Had" - - About as close to the 50 yard line as one can get. Would have liked them to be slightly higher, but ...
    Section 23, Row E, Seats 22,23
  • "Good view but a hike" -
    Section 105, Row Z, Seats 7-8
  • Section 108, Row B, Seat 26
  • "How is this seat" -
    Section 107, Row B, Seat 7
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