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Acrisure Stadium Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Champions Club - Champions Club sections are some of the best seats at Acrisure Stadium. On the Steelers seating chart these include five Field Club sections (F1-F5) a...
  • Club Seats - The Acrisure Stadium Club Level is made up of sections 205-216 and 229-240. Club sections promise excellent sideline views from an ideal elevation...
  • North Club - On the Acrisure Stadium seating chart, sections NC1-NC15 are North Club seats. Each of these sections have two rows of outdoor seating and one row ind...

100 Level Seating

  • 100 Level Seating - The 100-Level at Acrisure Stadium is the lowest seating tier and provides fans fantastic, close views of the game and players. The level wraps around ...

500 Level Seating

  • 500 Level Seating - There are three sections to the 500-Level at Acrisure Stadium. Two sides run along the sidelines and one behind the north endzone. Rows A-E ...

Steelers Sideline & Visitor Sideline

steelers sideline at acrisure stadium
The Steelers occupy the west side of Acrisure Stadium, in front of sections 133-136.
steelers sideline and bench
Looking down on the Steelers side of the field near sections 130-139.
visitor sideline at acrisure stadium
The visiting team occupies the sideline in front of sections 108-114.

Steelers Sideline - The Steelers sideline is in front of Section 133, Section 134, Section 135 and Section 136. Pittsburgh also uses this sideline for their games.

Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of Section 109, Section 110, Section 111 and Section 112

Standing Room Only

  • Standing Room Only - Standing Room Only tickets at Acrisure Stadium are the cheapest way to attend a Steelers game. Ticketholders will get access to the stadium but will n...

Student Section

For Pitt Panthers games, students sit in sections 116-130 behind the North end zone, and there is additional student seating in sections 528-531.

Visitor Section

  • Visitor Section - For Pitt football games, visiting seating can be found in sections 101, 518, 519, and 520. Additionally, the top rows of sections 515, 516, 517 and 52...

Shaded & Covered Seating

Rows F and above in sections 219-226 are under the overhang.
Rows G and above in club seating are covered from above. On the less-sunny side of the field (sections 205-216), the cover also provides shade for the majority of rows.
One of the best places to find protection from the weather is in endzone seating on the north side of the field. About half of these rows are covered and the upper rows are among the first to be shaded.
Club seats on the east side of the field are covered in rows F and above. Although they are covered from above, this is the sunny side of the field and many of these seats will be exposed to the sun.
Rows Q and above are covered in upper level sideline sections. This photo shows the east side of the field where you may have to go as high as Row U to also avoid the sun.
As with sections on the opposite side of the field, sideline sections on the west end are covered in rows Q and above. Unlike east sections; however, most seats in these sections are shaded by early afternoon.
Looking towards the west side of the field. By 2pm on a scorching day, all 200 and 500 level seats on this side of the field were out of the sun.

About 25% of all seats at Acrisure Stadium offer some type of shade or cover. Below is a sample of seats that are at least partially covered or shaded at different times of the day. To search for tickets or to find out if your seats are protected from the sun or rain, follow the link for the seat finder.

  • Rows F and above in Section 229 are covered
  • Rows F and above in Section 226 are covered
  • Rows Q and above in Section 504 are covered
  • Seats in North Club 015 are covered

Acrisure Stadium Seat Views

Recommended Seats for Great Views of the Field

Rows Y-HH in Sections 109, 110, 111 and 112

  • Perfect sight lines from near midfield
  • Excellent viewing height near the top of the 100 level
  • Feel closer to the action on the lower seating tier

Rows B-L, N-Q in Sections 209, 210, 211 and 212

  • Superb viewing height on the 200 level
  • Prime positioning near midfield
  • Quick trips to and from the concourse

Rows C-Q in Sections 219, 220, 221 and 223

  • Comfortable straight away views of the field
  • Excellent angle to the south endzone videoboard
  • Good viewing height on the 200 level

Rows B-E in Sections 509, 510, 511 and 512

  • Excellent positioning near midfield
  • In the lower portion of the 500 level sideline sections
  • Easy access to and from the seats

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Great Views of the Field.

Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest

Looking down into the Champions Club plaza.
The Champions Club is behind the south endzone.
The club level concourse is indoor and climate-controlled.
The south club includes some seating with drink rails and fully-padded seats.

Sections 209, 210, 211 and 212

  • Perfectly elevated views from near midfield
  • Exclusive club level amenities include upscale indoor lounges and premium dining
  • Wider seating with more legroom

Sections North Club 006, North Club 007, North Club 008 and North Club 009

  • Premium amenities in the North Club
  • Head on views of the south endzone videoboard
  • Best overhead coverage in the stadium

Sections Field Club 1, Field Club 2, Field Club 3 and Field Club 4

  • Closest premium seating to the field!
  • Access to the upscale PNC Champions Club lounge

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Impressing a Guest.

Recommended Seats for Kids and Family

Rows H-Q in Sections 219, 220, 221 and 223

  • Good overhead coverage provided by the seating deck above
  • Easy straight away views to the field and videoboard
  • Shorter walks to and from the concourse

Rows AA-MM in Sections 104, 105 and 106

  • Easy walk to and from the seats
  • Close to family restrooms, first aid, and guest services
  • Right by the FedEx Great Hall on the east side of the stadium

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Kids and Family.

Recommended Seats for Visiting Team Fans

The visiting team occupies the sideline in front of sections 108-114.

Rows A-K in Sections 524, 525, 526 and 527

  • Spectacular views of the rivers, bridges, and Pittsburgh skyline
  • Within 5 rows of the entry tunnel for easy access

Sections 109, 110, 111 and 112

  • Located just behind the visiting team bench
  • Impressive proximity on the lower seating tier

Sections 125, 126 and 127

  • Closest seating to the visiting team entry tunnel
  • Good proximity to the field on the lower level

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Visiting Team Fans.

Seating Tips & Advice

  • "Best Seats in the Stadium" - Row M in sections 234 and 235 has the best seats in the stadium for Steelers fans. Sections 234 and 235 are at midfield with an excellent view of the game and a good view of the scoreboard. Row M has a wall with a low rail in front, so you will not be bothered by fans standing up in the seats in front of you. Row A is great too, but it is exposed to rain and snow not under cover like row M. The very best seats are away from the aisle (not the first two seats) because the rail is higher at the end of the aisle. Seats 3,4,5,6 in row M of section 234 and the equivalent seats on the high-numbered side of row M in section 235 are the best in the stadium. Those seats are all inside the 43 yard lines. The climate-controlled Club with two huge screens (at least 20 ft wide) is a few steps away.

Acrisure Stadium Seating Reviews

  • "Happy to be on the shaded side!!" - - It's not always 85 and beautifully sunny during the football season - but when it is - this is where...
    Section 239, Row H, Seat 4
  • "Seats were great, fans behind us were very obnoxious" - - The seats offer a perfect view of the game. Protected from rain by the overhang above us. The fa...
    Section 234, Row H, Seats 19-22
  • "Stratosphere seats, bring your binoculars! Great view of the city." - - My sons, age 18-24 had the seats which were so high, it was hard to see anything. they thought they...
    Section 534, Row Q
  • "The endzones are where the action is and these seats are awesome" - - 50 yardine is over rated, the endzones are awesome. Easy access, great concessions, soooo close to ...
    Section 151, Row A, Seats 5-8
  • "Best Seats Ever" - - Our seats were under cover, and therefore shaded for the entire game. NO one seated near us was row...
    Section 219, Row P, Seats 23-28
  • "Seats were amazing!! " - - Sitting down by the team on the Steelers bench. You could hear the players talking on the sideline a...
    Section 136, Row C, Seats 6-9
  • "Great View, Great Seats!!" - - We've been to many games, but these seats were the best by far. Seats were on the Steelers side, at...
    Section 136, Row K, Seats 1,2
  • "Steelers Ravens, Sunday Night.. Great Seats!" - - I was sitting on the 47 yard line, with an Excellent view. I originally thought Row M would be a li...
    Section 510, Row M, Seats 5-6
  • "Very nice few of the field, but first seat..." - - I sat in section 510. Row S, Seat 1 and had a great view of the game, but the trouble with seat one ...
    Section 510, Row S, Seat 1
  • "Felt good about the cost" - - Food was good and fries were hot, chicken tenders cold. Smoking permitted outside away from crowds....
    Section 226, Row O, Seat 19
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    Venue & Seating Questions

    • Where's the best place to park at Heinz Field for a Steelers game?

      Gameday is approaching and you're psyched to see your first game at Heinz Field. You've had your tickets for months but then begin to wonder about parking. Is parking for a Steelers game easy? Are there enough spots? Can I take public transportation?

      Parking is often one of the most over-looked and frustrating aspects about attending a football game (especially in the NFL). Most fans who wing it end up paying absurd amounts or have to walk insanely far to the stadium. Fortunately, the Steelers and Heinz Field offer a wide array of options for gameday parking. From public transportation to water shuttles to pre-sold parking, your journey from Home to Heinz can become a little easier if you're prepared.

      Best Parking Options Ranked

      1. Pre-Sold parking in the North Shore

      Pros: Close & Hassle-Free

      Cons: Expensive & Limited Availability

      If you're lucky enough to have a parking pass, it's most likely one of the 6,000+ spots closest to the stadium in the North Shore. Even if you don't have a pass, you can contact
      ALCO Parking, the Carnegie Science Center (412-237-3400) or Rivers Casino (412-231-7777) to inquire about pre-sold spots.

      2. Reserved third-party parking (downtown and North Shore)

      Pros: Hassle-Free, Pass on your phone (some cases)

      Cons: Variable pricing, Most spaces require >0.5 mile walk

      This is what employees use for most out-of-town games. There are many services, but we prefer
      Parkwhiz (note: we have an affiliation with Parkwhiz, but they did not sponsor this post). These services allow you to purchase a reserved spot ahead of time. The reason we use this option (especially as out-of-towners) is that you get a specific address to put in a GPS instead of circling the stadium looking for open parking or a specific lot. Most spots can be reserved for less than $20.

      3. First-come, first-serve parking downtown

      Pros: Inexpensive, App shows parking availability

      Cons: Unreserved, Longest Walks

      Fans on a budget will want to take advantage of $5 and $7 parking downtown. There are ten lots (see the image below) all within 1.25 miles (about 30 minute walk) of Heinz Field. The farthest lots (8 and 9 on the image) do have shuttles running directly from the lot to the stadium for a small fee. If the weather is nice and you don't mind walking, this is a great way to save money. Arrive early for a chance to park in one of the closer lots and to avoid being shut out altogether. Download the ParkPGH App for real-time availability.

      Cheap Parking Map
      First-come, first-serve lots are marked with numbers (adapted from

      Other Considerations

      Contact the Steelers directly (ticketoffic[email protected]/412-323-1200) if you need handicapped parking

      Board the Gateway Clipper from Station Square for $10 round-trip + $10 parking

      Take the "T" and get off at Allegheny Station

      Consult the Heinz Field Parking Guide

    • How many seats in a row in the west club?

      In the West Club, most rows A-L contain 21 seats, while rows M-Q contain 14-17 seats.

    • Are concessions included with Club tickets at Heinz Field?

      Club seats at Heinz Field will give you access to the climate controlled lounges, which feature upscale food and beverage available for purchase, but are not included in the price of the ticket.

      Club Seating Locations at Heinz Field
      Ticket holders in the Club sections at Heinz Field will have access to upscale food and beverage options available for purchase (Club seating locations pictured above)
    • How many rows in each section at Acrisure Stadium?
      Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.
    • Is seat number 1 on the left or right side of sections?
      As you look towards the field from your seats, lower number seats are on your right.
    • More Answers...
    • Is there an obstructed view in Section 511  Row HH at Heinz Field?
    • Is there a Row HH in Section 133 at Heinz Field?
    • How many seats are there in Sections 122 and 124?
    • How many seats go across in Section 513 Row Z?
    • Are the seats in section 219 seats or benches at Heinz Field?
    • How many seats in Section 236 Row K?  Is Seat 20 on the aisle?
    • How many seats are in Row D Section 510?
    • Which side of the is seat 19 in section 107?

    Other Photos From Acrisure Stadium

    view of pittsburgh from acrisure stadium
    Looking towards downtown Pittsburgh and the surrounding area from the upper level.
    seats in sun at acrisure stadium
    Looking towards the east side of the field. When considering seats on a hot day, keep in mind that this is the sunny side of the field. This photo was taken at roughly 4:00 PM on a 90-degree day where the sun beat down hard on these sections.
    field seats at acrisure stadium
    Field seats in the northwest corner of the stadium.
    north shaded seats
    Looking towards seating on the north side of the field.
    east side of acrisure stadium
    Looking towards the east side of the field. Despite having similar coverage to the west side, these sections get blasted by the sun during afternoon games.