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"Lower level seating is comfortable if a little tight."
"The first floor is for die-hards and season ticket holders."

There are four floors to the Yum Center. The bottom floor (sub basement) is for the well to do, with leather couches and bourbon bars. Anyone with tickets in the first 10 rows will have access to the bottom floor. The first floor is for die-hards and season ticket holders. The middle is for private suites, boxes, and events. The third floor is for your every day person, one time tickets.

"Seats in the lower sections on the court have an exclusive bar beneath the stands."
"The lower bowl is probably the most enjoyable place for a basketball fan...anywhere."

Upper not so much, but you get what you pay for. The lower bowl bars (Burnetts and Evan Williams Bourbon Bar) are beautiful.

"The cons were no leg room on our row."

I'm just over 5'11" and my knees were hitting the seat in front of me.It's basketball, I know there are numerous people, many of them female,taller than me who would like to watch a game comfortably watch a game.

"The seats in the main bowl area below us looked to have great views."

Some of the people in our suite also had seats both lower and higher up and went to those to watch the game, coming back in for halftime, which tells me that anything below the nose bleed section is probably really good.


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