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  • Terrace Level Outfield is an OK seating location.
  • Terrace Level Outfield SeatingThe Terrace Level Outfield is located on Wrigley Field's lower tier between the bases and foul poles, but is separated from the field of play by the Club and Field level aisles below. The first six rows in these aisles are known as Terrace Box, while rows 7 and higher are known as the Terrace Reserved. Much like the Terrrace Level Infield seating location, these seats come with some of the highest risk of obstructed views at the ballpark thanks to the overhanging upper deck and its support beams. Fans should avoid rows 7 and higher (Terrace Reserved) if concerned about having the view obstructed by a pole or the deck above, with the one saving grace being the day long shade that you will enjoy from these covered seats. Foul balls are extremely rare in these seats, so fans hoping to bring home a souvenir off the bat of a major leaguer are advised to look elsewhere.
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  • Seats in this section are under cover.
  • Seats in this section are shaded during early afternoon games.
  • Seats in this section are shaded during late afternoon games.
  • Fan ratings of these seats are favorable overall.

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