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Section 350 Seating Overview

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  • 300 Level Colonnade is a below average seating location.
  • 300 Level Colonnade SeatingLocated on the third level from the bottom of Soldier Field behind the endzones is the 300 Level Colonnade seating location. The sections included in this location are 318-326 and 348-356. These sections are on the top level of all sections located behind the endzones, so they are the farthest away from the field. Since they are very high up, the sections are susceptible to the wind. The sections behind north endzone are particularly windy because there is not nearly as much protection as the south endzone. These sections give an elevated view of the field and have a good angle to see the action at the close endzone but it is difficult to see the action on the opposite side of the field. A small part of the view could be blocked by the field goal posts but it is a small obstruction that should not make too much of a difference when viewing the action. Section 322 on one side and 352 on the other side are straight behind the uprights so they allow for the best seats to determine whether a field goal is made or missed. The sections in this location greatly vary in the number of rows, they can have anywhere from 9-36 rows in a section.
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  • Most seats in this section are pretty far from the field.
  • Most seats in this section are many rows/stairs from the concourse.

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