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SECTION 102 4.6/5.0 SeatScore™

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Pros and Cons

  • Located in a great seating zone
  • Most seats here are very close to the ice
  • Recommended for impressing a guest
  • The Coyotes shoot twice in this direction

Lower Level Center

Section 102 is a part of this seating zone

Lower level center sections are home to some of the best views for a Coyotes Hockey game, and area also a top option for fans looking for a high-class experienc continue reading...

  • "My only issue was dealing with the ushers." - During the game, we would pound on the glass when any play occured near us like a check as is the custom at hockey arena... - Section 111

Recommended for Impressing a Guest

Consider Rows A-B in Sections 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, -5 More
  • Glass seats located in the first two rows
  • Rows A-B provide access to the BMW Lounge outside the Coyotes locker room
  • Ticketholders are treated to all-inclusive food and beverage, including a pre-game buffet

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