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  • Field Level Down the Line is a great seating location.
  • Field Level Down the Line SeatingBetween the dugouts and the foul poles on the lowest tier of Citi Field are the sections that make up the Field Level Down the Line location. These seats provide good proximity to the field from the lower level, but will have a further view that looks into home plate from beyond the infield. Great positioning for potentially catching a foul ball, but also have some heavier exposure to the sun on the first base side.

    Field Silver, Field Gold, and Field Box are closest to the infield, while Baseline Box is closest to foul poles, and in between is Baseline Silver. All sections in this location will have access to the Caesars, Promenade, and Acela Clubs (the only exception being the Baseline Box which has access to Caesars and Promenade, but not Acela). Field Gold and Field Silver also feature in-seat wait service.
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  • This section is a part of the Baseline Club. (Mets Games)
  • Baseline ClubLocated near the foulpoles on the lower level, the Baseline Club sections will provide fans with numerous club lounges to visit during a trip to Citi Field. Baseline Gold and Silver seats are located in Sections 107, 108, 128, and 129, where fans will have access to the Caesars, Promenade, and Acela Club lounges. Baseline Box seats are found in sections 104-106 and 130-132, and feature similar amenities although do not have access to the Acela Club. Both located behind home plate, the Caesars Club features premium dining options, a full service bar, premium lounge style furniture, and views of neighboring landscapes, while the Promenade Club provides a more casual lounge option with a climate controlled viewing area and quick dining options. Fans sitting in the Baseline Club sections in left field would be wise to visit the nearby Acela Club, which is just a short walk being located in the left field corner.
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