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Section H Seating Overview

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  • Lower Level Sideline is a great seating location.
  • Lower Level Sideline SeatingRunning along both sidelines on the lowest level of the field is the Lower Level Sideline seating location. These seats are some of the closest to the action right behind the players on the sideline. Viewers will have a great opportunity to be close to the players and see the whole game from a great spot. These are some of the most expensive tickets found in Bryant-Denny Stadium due to their prime location. Sections CC, DD, and EE behind the visitors sideline in this location are designated student sections, meaning that they will be very loud and rowdy throughout the game. Sections F-H have the only chairback seating in this location, and is only available in rows 13 and higher (known as the Scholarship club on the Alabama seating chart). Sections in this location are very large with 60 numbered rows of seats in each.
    All Lower Level Sideline Seating
  • This section is located at midfield.
  • Most seats in this section are very close to the field.
  • These seats are behind the Home Team sideline.
  • Recommended for seeing the action.
  • Fan ratings of these seats are favorable overall.

Section H Seating Chart With Rows

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