Verizon Theatre

Section 201 at Verizon Theatre


Section 201 Seating Notes

  • Middle Orchestra

Row Numbers

  • For most concerts, rows in Section 201 are labeled AA-QQ

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  • Section 201 Reviews

    View is Angled

    Sep 2019

    Section 201, Row MM

    The view is at a slight angle so if you don't want that, look elsewhere. If you don't mind it these seats are perfectly fine. There are large video screens that show the performance. The stage is also wide so if the performers use the whole stage it's great.


    Oct 2019

    Section 201, Row 00, Seat 3

    • Middle Orchestra


      Located in the middle of the lower seating tier, middle orchestra seats have very good views without the stage front prices. Section 204 has the best head on view, and sections here will have 17 rows of seating which start with Row AA in front and Row QQ in back.

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    • "Basically my own row, and a great view!"

      (Section 204) - -

      I loved these seats! The last three rows in 204 have 2 seats on each side of the section, so it’s basically like having your own private box right in the middle. Definitely recommend rows NN-PP in 204.

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