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  • For most concerts, rows in Section 103 are labeled A-N

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    • Pit Tickets


      The Pit is home to the closest views for a show at the USANA Amphitheatre. Tickets can be general admission or reserved depending on the artist and setup. Reserved Seating 101-103  When the pit is reserved, sections are numbered 101-103. With a location right in front of the stage, the views are excellent. Fans looking for a close-up look of their favorite artist performing should consider these seats. Seats are temporary folding chairs. General Admission Pit  When the pit is general admission, seats are removed creating an open area for fans to stand. We recommend that fans with tickets in the Pit section arrive as early as possible to claim the best spots. GA Pits typically have high energy with fans jumping and dancing creating an exciting and memorable atmosphere. 

    • Reserved Seats


      There are three levels of reserved seating at Usana Amphitheatre. Tickets in these sections are the best option for fans looking to get close to the stage and wanting to pick their view and angle to the stage. The first level is near the stage and can be reserved or general admission. For more information about these prime seats in sections 101-103 read about the Pit sections. 200 Level (201-203) Sections in the 200s are a very good option for concerts at Usana Amphitheatre. Their location just in front of the premium box seats speaks to how desirable of an area this is.  Middle Reserved sections feature 12 lettered rows of seating in Sections 201 and 203 (Rows A-L), while Section 202 is smaller with just 6 lettered rows of seating (Rows A-F). 300 Level (301-306) The largest group of seats at Usana Amp are located in sections 301-306. Sections have as many as 27 lettered rows of seating, with the single-lettered rows in front, and double-lettered rows in back. Views can vary greatly due to the width of the venue. We recommend avoiding tickets in sections 301 and 306 to ensure everything on stage is visible. 

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