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New York City FC Endline Mezzanine Seating


Sitting Here for a Soccer

Endline Mezzanine sections are those located on the 200 level behind the net. Each of these sections contain roughly 20 rows of seats with the upper rows being covered by the overhang.

Given their low pricetag, these sections tend to be favored by fans looking for cheaper tickets, rather than fans looking for the best view or upscale amenities. These sections aren't incredibly far from the field, but their baseball-centric angles can make for some awkward seating positions.

Sections 209-210 are part of the Family Corner where a no-alcohol policy is strictly enforced. Meanwhile, a few sections over to the left in 217 are the Away Supporters - NYC FC fans may want to avoid this and adjacent sections.  - RateYourSeats.com

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