Yankee Stadium

New York City FC Field Level Endline Seating


Sitting Here for a Soccer

For fans who enjoy sitting behind the net, Yankee Stadium offers a few different seating options for NYC FC matches.

Behind the north goal are sections 131-136. Yankees fans will recognize these as the seats where most of Aaron Judge's home runs end up. But for soccer, these seats offer a view of the pitch from behind the net. This gives you an opportunity to watch plays develop and to keep a close eye on the goalie.

Similar views can be had from seats on the opposite side of the field. Sections 107-117, for instance, are endline seats that give a slightly elevated view of the action. While prices on either end of the field are comparable, the upper rows of sections 107-117 have the advantage of being covered and shaded on hot days.   - RateYourSeats.com

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