Yankee Stadium

"Pretty Decent for Upper Level"

Seat Review From Section 420A, Row 3, Seat 5
Jun 2016


The seats have a very nice straight away view of the field and excellent positioning towards the center field scoreboard. At Row 3 I was close to the front, but not too close where the front row railing began to really impact my view of home plate.

The seats are not under cover from the upper level roof, but did have good shade at the start of a midday game. They do keep you close to the section entrance, making it easier to visit the restrooms and concessions.

I've sat in quite a few 400 level seats, and must say that these are up there among some of my favorites at Yankee Stadium.

Best for... watching the game, fans on a budget, being in the shade

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    Section 420A, Row 6   Verified Customer

    Plexiglass would obstruct view in rows one and two.

    Section 420A, Row 3

    • "Obstructed view of Plate & Mound"

      (Section 426) - -

      I was extremely disappointed these seats weren’t listed as obstructed view. Could not see a thing unless I leaned all the way to the very edge of my seat and leaned over. If you sit in this section do not sit in row 11 seats 1 or 2!!

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    • "An amazing view of the entire field!!!"

      (Section 421) -

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