Yankee Stadium

"No view of left field"

Seat Review From Section 201, Row 23, Seat 1
Jun 2016


Probably gets better when you're lower and farther left, but the view here is no good.

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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    Minor obstructed seats

    Jun 2016

    Section 201, Row 14, Seat 21

    Great view of right field, but the sports bar blocks some of center field and left. For the right price, not a bad deal, but there are obviously better seats.

    The main obstructions are in sections 201 and 239.

    If you're in Section 201, you want your seat number to be higher rather than lower, and vice-versa in Section 239. If you're seat one [in section 201], I'd suggest standing.

    The Yankees Bullpen is in Front of Section 201 and 202

    Seats in Row 1 will be closest to the bullpen.

    • "Blocked by the Bar"

      (Section 239) - -

      While the obstruction could have been worse, the view from my seats left me wondering what was going on in center field thanks to the big sports bar just to our left. Lower numbered seats are the way to go here, but even then I don't know if I'll be back to this section. Also, be prepared for th...

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      (Section 204) -
    • "One of Few Without an Obstructed View"

      (Section 239) - -

      Luckily I was low enough in the section and far enough to the right side of the row where the center field sports bar didn't limit my view to center field. Had I been just a few rows higher, I don't think I would have been as lucky to get a clear view even if I had been on the right aisle seat like...

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