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Sitting Here for a Concert

Floor seating is divided into 3 different sections for most traditional end stage performances at Xcel Energy Center, which you will commonly find named Floor Right, Floor Center, and Floor Left. All three sections run as far as right up against the stage at row 1, and extend as far back as the end of the floor near row 53.

Fans sitting in Floor Center will have the best views for a traditional setup thanks to the excellent positioning with the center of the stage. Most rows in the center floor have 14 seats in each (seat 1 being on the right aisle, seat 14 on the left aisle), leaving seats 7 and 8 with the most ideal positioning to the center of the action.

Tickets in the center floor section are often in the highest demand and therefore also the most expensive, but you can still find excellent seats in the Floor Right and Floor Left sections for a traditional end stage layout. If sitting in Floor Right, opt for the higher numbered seats to be closer to the middle of the stage. Conversely, if you are searching in Floor Left you will want to be in the lower numbered seats which are closer to Floor Center. Most rows in Floor Left and Floor Right also contain 14 seats in each.

For most typical end stage shows, you can find an aisle break between rows 24 and 25 of each floor section at Xcel Energy Center. This provides excellent room for fans sitting in row 25, and also provides additional clearance from fans in front for a better view to the stage.

Not all performances will feature the standard end stage design at Xcel Energy Center, and some of the more common alternative layouts include a shortened Floor Center which accommodates a mixing booth, as well as a single full general admission standing room only floor section.  - RateYourSeats.com

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