Wrigley Field

"Great Seat, Easy Access"

Seat Review From Section 331, Row 10, Seat 1
Mar 2015


Nice seat on the aisle, right by breezeway for easy access out.

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    Great Aisle seat, easy access

    Mar 2015

    Section 331, Row 10, Seat 1

    Great Aisle seat with easy access to the breezeway a few rows behind. Perfect view down the foul line and good view of outfield and bleachers. Much better than 500 section about 50 feet up and behind.

    • "Good seats on a nice breezy day"

      (Section 304) - -

      In section 403 the seats had a surprisingly decent view for being so high up. I did have to turn my head to the right to watch the game, but it was not straining on my neck at all. It was a breezy day and I was completely in the shade and covered, but a light jacket was all I needed to stay comforta...

    • "Oakland Athletics at Chicago Cubs - Aug 7, 2019"

      (Section 327) -
    • "Affordable Quality Seats"

      (Section 330) - -

      From this seat you are a bit closer to the right outfield than home plate, but you have a great view of the action. You are shielded from the sun during a day game, and you are barely in foul ball territory. Bathrooms and food stands are on the 1st level so that is really the only downfall to these ...

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