Wrigley Field

"I like them... A lot"

Seat Review From Section 129, Row 15
Jun 2019


Most 100 level seats at Wrigley are pretty good. These are great, you can see everything. No complaints!

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    Best Place to Catch a Foul Ball: Section 28-32 and Section 129-131.

    • "Good view ... for night games"

      (Section 132) - -

      Seats are nice, good view, angled towards home plate ... but for day games your in the sun the whole time and can make it hard to see towards home plate. Game became overcast about 3rd inning and made it MUCH MUCH more enjoyable, so i imagine night games would be good to go!

    • "Infield Seats Close to Field"

      (Section 128) -
    • "Great seats and great atmosphere! Fun game overall!"

      (Section 102) -

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