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Seat Review From Section 204, Row 2, Seat 112
Aug 2011

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    Can't See 2nd Base

    Oct 2017

    Section 204, Row 29, Seat 108

    The view of the plate is unobstructed, looking in between 2 columns. 2nd base is hidden behind the column in section 204. The left field corner is hidden. The upper deck hides fly balls so judging the distance of hits is hard. The view of the left field scoreboard is blocked by the upper deck overhang. Exit after the game is very quick using the stairs behind the section which lead right to the left field exit.

    Get Out Your Telescope

    Apr 2019

    Section 204, Row 32, Seat 16

    These are the newest seats at Wrigley Field. Before these would have been located outside the stadium. Now they're still basically outside the stadium with a Birdseye view. Only buy these it they're the lowest price possible.

    Not bad for down the line

    Jun 2019

    Section 204, Row 28, Seat 1

    I was way in left field down the 3rd base line. The view was actually decent and there was a bar right behind my section that was easy to access being in the upper rows.

    • "Terrible! Cheap! But close to the bar!!!"

      (Section 231) - -

      These seats were just as bad as I remembered them. I figured, hey, maybe old man wrigley improved these deeper seats with the renovation but nope, not at all, poles are still there. Not surprising considering how cheap these tickets still were (comparably). One thing that was new about the seats was...

    • "View was blocked by pillar"

      (Section 206) - -

      Overall view was average, finding seat was difficult as this section was marked as both Section 206 and 207. No Usher was available and someone else claimed half our seats. Fortunately there were empty seats next to us which provided a better view. At one point I thought our tickets could be counter...

    • "Great Value"

      (Section 202) - -

      These are the best seats for the price. You have bleachers to the right of you and they are paying twice as much and two rows in front are paying 70% more.

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